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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by wickman, Mar 4, 2006.

  1. wickman

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    Just give the image a click to go big


    Ok so here's the plan green obviously marks the bench work I'm thinking of moving the bench work out to 34" on the West side wall and the North side wall to gain abit more area for scenery.
    The entrance to room has no door or actually has a bar style swinging door.
    The big return loop on left side is 24" and staging area is in next room over the staging area loop is 22" on the lower and 20" outer on the top of staging loop .
    There's also room in the furnace room for more staging if its needed . Bench work right now is 3 feet High which allows for a deep reach easily as far back as 36".
    Not figured out yet...
    I still have to figure where to put the gorge river waterfall will go it will probably be close to the sawmill so the sawmill will have access to water for log pond.
    I need to place a small hilly town the town will have a railroad station at very top of elevated town so the track will need to be elevated to 3" and perhaps lower than 3" as I don't intend to have the rail crossing any RR tracks so the clearance won't be needed.I'm thinking perhaps the top North East corner for the town as the track thats goes thru the corner could travel right past the train station ontop of the hill ( could be a prob although with grade going back down to staging )
    So any comments and suggesteions for these things we haven't figured out yet is much welcomed as well as suggestions on the trackage .
  2. Russ Bellinis

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    If the staging is in the next room and the sidings in the center of the loop won't really be used, you could eliminate the two sidings in the center of the staging yard and make the staging more of a multiple return loop if it doesn't get the radius too small.
  3. wickman

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    Here's an update on the plan
  4. Hunkiedoo

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    Some quick thoughts

    Just some quick comments for what they're worth.

    1. The waterfall idea is a good one. Why not make it a major focal point of the layout, in which case it should be the first thing visitors see on entering the room - it'll draw them into the room. The NE corner would be logical but doesn't fit too well with your plans so far. Hmmmmmm.

    2. I think you'll find that a layout height of 36" is a tad low. Wanting to facilitate access to all parts of the layout is admirable. I'm just not sure that a low table is the best solution. besides I would guess that it's easier to cut down a layout that you find has been built too high, than to "jack-up" a layout that's been built too low.
  5. wickman

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    Well I thought its about time I post what I've come up with for the plan . The scenery with the water is not a definate yet where it shows there may be more industries in that area rather than the rivers . The hidden staging is below the bench work it will be dropped to 12" below with a good grade.
    As you can see I'm utililizing the best of both world ...scenery area and industrial switching.
    [​IMG]]Web Page Name[/url]
  6. Triplex

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    What is "a good grade"? It takes an awful lot of track to drop 12", and I don't see how you have enough.
  7. wickman

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    Well I'm not sure what good grade will be until its tried and tested to what will work probably will be 4% I'm also looking into a helix:)
  8. MasonJar

    MasonJar It's not rocket surgery

    At 4%, you will need to have a run of 300" (25 feet) in order to obtain the desired 12" separation between levels. You might be able to get that along the left-hand side of the plan, but there is not enough space on the right...

    You might be able to do a helix under each of the "lobes" at the ends of the layout. That would also free up more room for staging on the lower level.

  9. wickman

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    Yes perhaps your right the helix on both ends may be the way to go and as you said it would give more room to get a little bit more adventorousballoon6
    Have you any links or knowledge on designing a helix?
  10. wickman

    wickman Member

    Well I think I have the plan pretty well narrowed down complete with a switching yard :wave:

    Staging yard has decline of 2.5% down to level of 18" below bench . I will installing the peco turnouts and tortoise switch machines in the next couple days the track down to 18" is completed.


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