New to the scene!! Need suggestions.

Discussion in 'RC Drifting and Setup' started by t0ttzg0tskillz, Jan 31, 2007.

  1. t0ttzg0tskillz

    t0ttzg0tskillz New Member

    So, I've become interested in this field of R/C
    and I am trying to figure out what might
    be the best starting point. I don't want to
    get something too cheap causing me
    to buy something better 5 months
    down the line. I do well with challenges
    and I'm able to make the "money" work right
    for the right car. I have seen that TC3s and Tl-01s
    are pretty popular for sliding. Might you guys have
    any other suggestions? I know of Yokomo but they
    are seemingly expensive compared to other companies.
    Anyways, I'm open to the input you guys have to give!!!


  2. SpartanDRFT

    SpartanDRFT Member

    if you got the cash hpi sprint 2 drifter
  3. t0ttzg0tskillz

    t0ttzg0tskillz New Member

    any others?

    Any other models worth getting?
  4. SpartanDRFT

    SpartanDRFT Member

    well if your not worried about cash ... yokomo... tamiya... pretty much ne thing 4wd preferably (at least to me) belt drive
  5. t0ttzg0tskillz

    t0ttzg0tskillz New Member

    Why do you prefer belt drive? What are the advantages to it?
  6. SpartanDRFT

    SpartanDRFT Member

    it mostly personal preferance.
    they seem to be a little faster due to the lighter weight
  7. chromecarz00

    chromecarz00 Member

    they are slightly more prone to breaking, but i prefer them as well. also, above a 19 turn motor, so a trax 4-tec is good 2...i have one, its a charm...

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