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Discussion in 'WarHammer40k' started by tboneeramma, Sep 6, 2012.

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    Hi everybody, I'm just getting started with papercraft, having only halfway finished my first model (Patoroch's handsome MKIV dreadnought), and I'm already hooked! I've downloaded several models that I plan to tackle in the near future, but one figure that is conspicuously missing is a Tau crisis suit. Is there one out there that I haven't come across yet? It doesn't look like it would be difficult to design a template for (but what do I know), so if there isn't I'd be very surprised. Anyway, all the pics you guys share are awesome and real motivation, and I'm excited to start this new hobby!
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    Hi, :welcome1: to the forum!! Great to have you here. Don't be shy, post some pictures, show us what you are doing! Make sure you read the Rules and Policies, very important, simple, but needs to be read. :)

    Link to Rules and Policies:

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    I've not encountered a Crisis suit yet, but this is the site I found the majority of my first templates at and they have a Broadside. With a little work you could make it into a crisis. 40k/Tau/


    Quick EDIT to add picture that came with the file, looks like whoever made the template actually did make a Crisis with it.

    ONE more edit, found somebody using the same templates with a walkthrough.

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    Cool, thanks! That looks like a great place to start, I'll try making one and seeing where I need to go from there.

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