New to N scale...need some help please!

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  1. Hello everyone, been a long time since i last posted on here, for those of you that remember me, i was a die hard HO scaler, but due to space constraints i have opted to go N scale. i have chosen to model the Atlantic Longhaul Line layout featured in a Atlas track plan book. i already have the benchwork complete, now its time to lay some track. can someone tell me the correct spaceing for double track? i went to the NMRA site, but could not find the standards. i really have to say that i am impressed as to the detail and quality of the newer N scale trains and such, they have came a long way since i was a kid some 35 years ago. also, any suggestions or words of wisdom are always welcome. thanks!:wave:
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    Ntrak uses a similar 1.5" standard. Provides a space for your fingers in between tracks.

    It's your choice to decide between Kato Unitrak or Atlas Code 80 or 55 flex. You might enjoy the smaller rail. Just be sure not to get too much older equipment with larger pizza cutter flanges.

    a better question is what kind of equipment you want to operate. You may want to avoid #4 or smaller turnouts & curves under 15".

    When somebody thinks your Nscale is so small, have some Z scale around. Check out the MTL Z product line!
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    I have played with various spacing on various layouts and have come to settle on 1.25" in almost all cases. I sometimes go narrower on some locations, but even at 15" raidius 1.25" looks fine and causes no problems even with 85' cars. if your curves are tighter, you might want to run some tests. Yards can be closer to 1" and they look a bit better that close, but my fingers have an easier time picking out a car at 1.25".

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