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Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by Fasttracken, Feb 26, 2007.

  1. Fasttracken

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    Hi every one

    I have been lurking in the back ground of model trains for a few years. Between not knowing where to start and having no place to set up a layout I have not stepped up and started

    Well I have a friend that has a HUGE HO scale layout in his basement and I sit and help him with his train for hours and hours

    the other day I was over there and he went int the back room and got a box and handed it to me he said ''here and guy at work is selling this stuff and wants 60.00 for it all''

    I looked at it and told him I wish I had a place to set it up and run it. He then said ''I cleaned that corner out for you''

    Long story short I have what should be a good start to a N scale train lay out 22 buildings every thing from Factoies to houses and a train station.

    I have 6 dumby engines and 3 running engines

    bridges and colverts

    10 or 12 foot of track

    I beleave this is every thing I could ever need to start out with

    now I just need help deciding what kind of lay out I want does any one know a nice easy layout to start with maybe with some moutains and a river and/or ponds and some roads

    thanks for the time and sorry about the long story

  2. TrainNut

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    That is awesome that these people have done this for you. You will find that there are an infinite number of possibilities when it comes to setting up a layout. The first thing you can help us out with is what kind of an area are we looking at (how much space do you have)?
  3. Fasttracken

    Fasttracken New Member

    My Friend says I can use the corner of his basment but He would like for my to stay around 4X8 foot not counting enough room to walk all the way around it

    I was thinking about going early 70s era I like the looks of them buildings not sure why

    I want aleast 2 moutains and a river

    I want to make a military type town with industry based area

    even tho I can use a 4x8 foot area I want my layout to be about 6x4 L shape or somthing I have a really cool 3 train train garge I would like to use not sure the right term for it

  4. Cogent

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