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Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by Chessie1973, Dec 29, 2003.

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    Hello all,

    I am new to N Gauge but I decided with some of my Christmas money to take the plunge and buy a small N Gauge setup.

    I admit my loco is crap being a Life Like GP 38 in CSX colors but I Couldnt afford the really nice Kato they had there at the time.

    I picked up a small loop of Nickle Silver track and the eengine, and a few bits of Rolling stock.

    Just curious as to what if anything I should look out for regarding quality of things.

    I do have a need os some N Scale Frieght trucks as I had a couple of older cars that need trucks but no one around here seems to carry them.
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    Chessie, welcome to N gauge. I'm new at it myself.
    Here is a site I found very helpful when it came to shopping for motive power:
    N scale engine page
    I set myself a pretty tight budget, and have purchased most of my stuff on Ebay. Most people want the latest and greatest, so the older stuff doesn't go for quite as much.
    I use the Walthers catalog (expensive, at $20 but necessary) as a guide to decide what I will pay.
    I also recommend N Scale Model Railroading - Getting Started In The Hobby by Model Railroader magazine. Well worth the money I paid for it, even having come from a background in HO. :)
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    Welcome 1973! If you are ever going to be in the Bryson City area drop me a PM and I'll get you a free trip thru the Lionel Musuem here. I'm an N-Scaler also, but the musuem is pretty neat.
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    My first was a Model Power train set 20 years ago. Nothing from that set is what I'd term good anymore. I think we all start with beginner stuff. Over they years, I have found that you get what you pay for. For freight equipment, I like Intermountain (and PWRS Intermountain stuff), Red Caboose, LBF, Atlas, and some MT stuff. It seems most here would say go with micro trains trucks and couplers (and after an Accumate related runaway on my helix, I'm inclined to agree). Some of this stuff is pricey, but the quality is usually worth the cost.

    I am losing my interest in micro trains equipment. I find the cost of their equipment is no longer in line with the level of detail compared to that offered by other mfg's (IMHO). As I am NOT a collector like some are with mt's, I'd rather pay for the etched walkways and avoid most of mt's offereings. But I do like their 50' and 60' boxcars. I would like to sell-off much of my mt stuff in the near future, and I will just as soon as I get organized!

    For locomotives, I like Kato, Atlas, and Life-Like's newer stuff (L-L C424, GP9 chopnose, SW switchers). I'm eagerly awaiting to hear if Intermountain's loco's are worth the money. I love to see an SD45-2 in CR paint, and if CN gets the DM&IR, I bet an SD40T-2 will also show up on my roster (I used to see CR's SD45-2's up here in Southern Ontario all the time on lease to CN).

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    Welcome Chessie

    Welcome to the gauge!
    I would start by saying the 3 DO's are good trackwork, good power pack, and midrange and up priced locos.
    Don'ts would be , avoid traction tired locos,don't use the track on the floor (mount it to something flat and stable), don't use a cheap power pack (get a good MRC or the like).
    Above all the heart of a model railroad is the pwer pack and the locomotive, spending good money on these is wise and will make you stay interested and after that will come the rest (fancy trackwork , rolling stock ,and the like.
    Mike Fifer

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