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Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by panzer, Mar 21, 2007.

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    I found a site which is absolutely new to me. It's from a Brazilian guy called Perikles. He designed free models of Star Trek ships (TOS Enterprise, S.S. Enterpise NX-01 and a fan fiction Klingon D-4 cruiser), also six Wing Commander models and a ship from "Freespace: The Great War", which is unknown to me (Game? TV Show?:-? ).

    Some models may be available from other designers, but they seem to be quite easy but very beautyful and, because of this, very good for beginners or impatient modelers. :)

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    Wiki says this about Freespace:

    Descent: FreeSpace — The Great War is a space simulation computer game series developed by Volition, Inc., one of the two companies (along with Outrage Entertainment) that formed when Parallax Software, the creators of Descent, split. For contractual reasons the game was called Conflict: FreeSpace — The Great War in Europe. After THQ acquired Volition Inc., the source code for the game was released to the fan community and the FreeSpace engine has continued to develop under the FreeSpace Source Code Project.
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    I saw a Cylon Basestar on that page that would be a great companion piece to Gearz's Galactica. Savefile doesn't work at the moment, though.
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    'Nuff said.
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