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Discussion in 'FAQs' started by a2zracer, Apr 11, 2007.

  1. a2zracer

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    i have just recently aquired a relatively large box of HO scale trains and accessories from the 1960s and early to late 70s and am curious as to values of them. im really not too sure of where to ask for the values...if there are any websites or other forums that have information on these types of things it would be great to know. all have the original boxes; very few of which are damaged. manufacturers are tyco, ahm, cox, and lionel. i can get pictures of everything if needed. im attempting to research the models of the trains for pricing but dont know where to look for any of this information
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    Your best bet for a price that it will sell for would be Ebay as there are few really collectible HO pieces outside of brass and a few odd items. HO is simply far too common to have any great value in your average household boxlot. Your AHM has some value with their steamers but their diesels are usually dogs save for the FM C Liner and the Kraus-Maffei units. Lionel big steamers like the Daylight and the American Freedom Train GS4s do well but the rest don't. Bicentennial equipment saw their peak sometime back and so won't do much save for the usual anniversary dates. I bought a 30 year old mint in the box AHM Seaboard Bicentennial unit for $18 shipped, still sealed from the factory. Cars typically go from about a buck for Tycos to $2-4 for the rest in very good condition with the boxes. AHMs specialty cars like the framed coil cars, the helium and the vinegar tank cars can fetch $15 or more on a good bid war again, with the boxes. Hope that helps a little.
  3. a2zracer

    a2zracer New Member just tryin to make a little money off these being i dont have much interest in a lot of whats here. they've basically been gathering dust in storage for a few years. im thinking of putting it up on ebay and was curious as to what i should expect to get for them.
  4. shaygetz

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    Glad to help...feel free to PM me for any info on a particular piece and the links to what you are selling. I'm always looking for odd AHM cars.
  5. a2zracer

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    will do. ill be getting pictures of them hopefully battery died tonight before i got a chance to get a picture. and im still figuring out this message board.. im used to proboards format.. but im learning. lol.

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