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Discussion in 'RC Offroad Forum' started by quickslip, Dec 26, 2003.

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  1. quickslip

    quickslip New Member

    Ok. I had a few RC electric cars during my childhood and know the basics. I just got a Team LOSI XXX NT gas truck for christmas. It needs a radio system and gas motor. Can anyone make any reccomendations ? It has been a good 10-12 years since I dabbled in this hobby and have sort of lost touch. Please help ?
    Also, any opinions on the truck ? Decent ?
  2. bandit1

    bandit1 Member

    ill first say that the XXX NT has had awesome reviews and iv heard nothing but good from people. Im not sure about wat kind of money u want to spend but a few good radios u can look at are Airtronics M8, JR Python or the Futaba 3PK. As far as engines, basically anything from O.S.
  3. quickslip

    quickslip New Member

    ok - please forgive my ignorance - what exactly is os ? Is that oversized ? I was thinking about a oversized Mach .15 pull start engine. I think it will fit. Another question, box says that truck need radio kit and engine to run, what about a speed control ? Are those not used in gas setups ? Is that done via a servo and a throttle control that is part of the engine ? like a carberator?
  4. tfhughes_28

    tfhughes_28 Member

    Speed controls are not used in nitro. The speed control in electric is like the carb on a nitro.

    You will need a radio with reciever, 2 servos, battery box and on/off switch. Also you will need 12 AA batteries. 8 for the radio and 4 for the reciever (battery box), or you can buy a reciever pack.

    O.S is the brand name of engines, from what i'm told they are a very good engine.

    I'm very new to nitro myself so i am not a whole lot of help, but i hope this gave you some idea.
  5. Yep I agree O.S. is one of the best esp for beg. nitro use.
    I have a O.S. CVR .15 it rocks.
    Also XXX truck rule! you will be happy.
    Once you start needing replacement parts or hop ups look at for Losi XXX NT goodies.
    PS I personally would stay away from Dynamite motors as they not only are (in my opinion) not as good as O.S. but I know they arent as fast and do not run as good at low or fast speed.
    O.S. carbs are the best.
    I use an HPI .15 motor and I like it but it takes more tweeking to keep it running smooth. My O.S. motors are easier to setup and tune.
    Good luck!
  6. mastmec

    mastmec Member

    You could go with the OS CVR .12 or .15 or NovaRossi 12 both engines are exellent. If your just getting back in the hobby spring for a starter box, much less frustration if the engine isn't tuned right.
    Radio, go with FM, usually has all the adjustments needed to run nitros and a lot better.
  7. dale3

    dale3 New Member

    Id go with the o.s. .15 cvr its the most freindly and easy to tune motor ive ever had.ive never had a problem ive had it 3 seasons and it always starts 1st pull and will idle forever and still far as the truck goes the xxx is supose to be a really nice truck im not a losi man but i do have a mini-t and if its the big brother to that it must be cool.LOL.
  8. quickslip

    quickslip New Member

    Ok - So I got a OPS .12 pull start.
    Everything is in and runs - but I can't seem to figure out the adjustments on the carb. The thing starts up and idles so fast that I have to use the brake during idle (no throttle).
    Anyone have any tips on how to tune this thing ?
    When I give it gas/throttle it goes like 50 mph.
    I am afraid that I will burn up the gears and brake if I don't get this thing tuned right.
    Please help !
  9. mastmec

    mastmec Member

    For the idle, adjust the idle screw, back it out about a 1/2 turn and recheck.
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