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Discussion in 'FAQs' started by wvwoodsguy, Dec 6, 2008.

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    Hello, After many years of not setting up my Lionel train I decided to do a new layout using FastTrack. I want to wire my old accessories (gateman and crossing gate) but am having problems using the Fastrack operating track kit. The directions that came with the operating track kit are not much help. The accessories connected to the old Lionel track using the 153 contactor - three wires. I cannot figure out how connect the three wires to the new FasTrack. Any help would be greatly appreciated. :yep: WVWOODSGUY
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    I just hooked the Christmas gateman up today.
    There are 3 terminals on my gateman: common, man, and lights. (lights may be optional). I have mine set so that it operates only when the train is running. Common is connected to the center rail, man is hooked to the outer insulated rail. This should operate the gateman. The light can be connected to a spare terminal on the transformer: find one that doesn't cause the man to buzz. (If you have the CW80 transformer you can get interesting problems, depending on when it was made.) You could connect the light to the other running rail; shorter wires but light varies with train speed.
    The crossing gate probably wires up similarly, but only 2 wires?

    You can extend the insulated section cheaply by taking the metal bar that joins the outer rails off the underside of the track section. This also lets you make curved insulating sections. Gently pry up the metal tabs holding the bar then fold them down again.
    If you want the accessories to operate when the train is stopped, the center rail connection needs to go to an accessory post on the transformer instead.
    The expensive solution is the infra-red detector.
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    where in WV do you live? I'm in Va just across from the WV state line, near Pearisburg. (On US460)

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