New to Card Modeling; Looking for Pilatus PC-9M or PC-21 Models

Discussion in 'Dream Kits & Wish Lists' started by PilatusPC21, Jan 4, 2008.

  1. PilatusPC21

    PilatusPC21 New Member

    Hello everyone,

    My name is Anton and I have always admired paper card models. Since childhood, I have built with paper & cardboard of various types for static models, but not from many folded paper kits. Especially none of the quality pre-printed or museum quality types I've seen here.

    I'd like to obtain a model of a Pilatus Aircraft PC-9 or their new PC-21 if any exist. I'm attempting making my own but little experience and it is slow. The first is a fairly angular plane and not complex, but the PC-21 is all curves and cones. I have a difficult time navigating some of the Russian, Czech and Polish sites due to language.

    Does anyone have a link or something to share?

    Much thanks,

  2. PilatusPC21

    PilatusPC21 New Member

    I see there have been no responses/input to my question despite lots of looks.
    Maybe there are no kits for this subject as yet;maybe its just too dull a subject. Or, maybe the community is waiting to see how motivated a newbie I am for me to build my own.

    Thus, I am going to try crafting my own, using member Paragon's suggested technique for "rolling & tweaking" one out of a 3-view. Awesome results too.
    Please bear with me, as my imaging tools and skills are currently rudimentary and untried. I won't settle for anything less than fidelity results, though.

  3. Lex

    Lex Dollmaker

    Sorry for missing this thread from the start... A very warm welcome to you Anton! And I'm very happy that you wish to design cardmodels. Please enjoy your stay here, and do post your progress as you go along ^^
  4. Dragos

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  5. Dragos

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    There is also a PC-9

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  6. MAJOR

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    Anton, sorry, i to missed your thread till now. If you want to PM me i can sort you out with the PC-9M. I designed one a long time back in Irish Air Corps colours. Kind of busy in the shop so give me a few days to dig it out.
    Cheers... Ray
  7. PilatusPC21

    PilatusPC21 New Member

    Lex/ Dragos/Major,

    Thanks for the responses. I had dived into this project eagerly in December thru the New Year, but have gotten bogged down by work recently.
    I have made the most progress on the PC-9M, adjusting patterns from some 3-views on regular 8 x 11 paper. to fashion the fuselage. I'm also cheating a bit at this stage, using styrofoam blocks and wood sticks as crutches to sort out the best joint lines and curved sections.

    I may resort to scanning hand drawings of my patterns and work progress(like to draw and sufficiently skilled to pull it off, I think)--but may not happen for a bit more...

    Best wishes to all!

  8. Lex

    Lex Dollmaker

    Keep going Anton! Nothing is too hard if you try :)

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