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  1. new to commercial card models

    hi there i'm new to commercial card models and have aquired many from G.P.M .the few that have english instructions say to use .5mm,1mm,2mm e.t.c card,,as i am in the uk i know paper and card in "gsm".... can anyone tell me what the card weights might be? :?
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    The thicknesses you are asking about are actually thickness of cardboard that is used to laminate to the parts. 0.5 mm is about the thickness of a cerial box. 1 mm is about the thickness of cardboard that is used to stiffen pads of paper. 2 mm is about the thickness of the matting board that is used in picture framing. You can always laminate together thinner cardboard to create the thicker stock. I can't help you much on the cardstock, since I'm used to American terminology. However, if you browse some of the older strings, you will find quite a bit of discussion on the subject, and some links to useful paper conversion tables. Welcome to the madhouse....and remember the only stupid question is the one that went unasked.
  3. thanx for your help and thanx for the welcome
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    Birmingham? that's just up the road.

    If you go into osbourne's they sell 1mm and 2mm card in big sheets, for picture frames. they probably sell the .5mm as well.

    Is going through your printer or used as backing?
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    Welcome to the forums! its a great place to be :D

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