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Discussion in 'Ship & Watercraft Models' started by Darwin, Apr 18, 2004.

  1. Darwin

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    Here goes another tangent. While going through the latest postings on the MK magazine site, I ran across a really intriguing drawing of an Austro-Hungarian WWI torpedo boat design that I just gotta try kitting. It is small enough that I can work in 32nd scale and still have a reasonable-sized model, with enough interesting detail to appeal to more than the novice modellers, yet simple enough to build even as a first effort. The boat itself couldn't have been too practical. It's main armament is designed to be fired while running away from the target....which might not have been too bad an idea, considering how unmanageable the beast must have been at speed, being little more than an oversized skiff at a par with the Czarist round-hulled monitor when it comes to maneuverability. The real eye attractor will be the array of four engines surrounding the gunner's seat. What a hellhole that seat must have been with all four engines going at once (which possibly could have been a rare occurence, considering each one appears to be individually clutched to the reduction gear.
  2. Jim Krauzlis

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    What an intriguing boat!
    The location of the rudder caught my eye; might add the ability to quickly turn, but it must have been oh so difficult to steer like that unless you were really used to that set up. I wonder if they lauched them from a capital ship because it might have been hairy taking her out to sea particularly in heavier seas.
  3. wunwinglow

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    You gonna put Dick Dasdardly at the helm?!

    They have a restored torpedo boat at Duxfords amazing museum, where the torpedo was launched off the stern, but pointing forwards, so the boat was pointed at the target, but turned away smartly as soon as the fish was launched.
    Mad fools!!!!!

    Not as crazy as those Czechs though.....

  4. Gil

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    "pointed at the target, but turned away smartly as soon as the fish was launched"...., what happend if instead of turning away smartly they turned into dumbly...., guess I have my own answer....,

    I still like the rocket propelled wheel thingy that the Brits tried briefly in WWII and abandoned after that first and last but very memorable test.

    Best regards, Gil
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  6. Gil

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    Thanks Tim, knew I could depend on you to remember.


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