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Discussion in 'DCC & Electronics' started by lexon, Jan 24, 2009.

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    Ooohhhh....I just took a look at the new Blackstone stuff...
    If only I modeled the Rio Grande in HOn3...and didn't prefer kits...

    The kicker for me were two items:
    -The High Side gondolas with stakes you add separately. The reason for this is that the Rio Grande unloaded these cars with a Rotary Dumper that mangled the stakes...causing a distinct look on every car thanks to the repairs.
    -The C-19s not only include the usual suspects...but also the 347 and an unlettered early version! Sweet! Additionally, they are going to have a bumble bee C-19...but they actually did the research to report that only 1 ever received this a stunt double for the 268 in a movie!

    Then there is an 800 series drop bottom gondola (I prefer the 700 series and would probably still prefer the Grandt Line kits at half their price and twice the fun!).

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    Hey, where did the garbage under my first message come from?


    This is quite strange. I logged in and posted this question and suddenly the garbage is gone. What gives?
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    Was it some sort of ad?

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