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Discussion in 'Internet Finds' started by cjd, Jan 23, 2007.

  1. cjd

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  2. Dragos

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    not new...

    I know it, it's not that great, I'm not impressed. The drawings are hand made and they are low quality, but they are free that is a good thing.:twisted:
  3. gwssms

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    You know, even though they are hand drawn they do have a certain charm. Pretty tough to follow the instructions but I have the I-16 in work and it's coming out ok. Stuck on how the landing gear goes together though.
  4. Zathros

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    It does have a nostalgic appeal to it. Someday these models won't be around and all models will be sterile and perfect..............not that's there's anything wrong with that!!
  5. paper warrior

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    I love 'em, sides, FG are about the only ones with painted kits anymore. Nice to have a good old fashoned kit.
  6. zaqx

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    the worst paper models i have ever seen!!!
  7. paper warrior

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    Obiously you have no respect for the models that started cardmodeling alltogether. You try designing planes from nothing but a sheet of cardstock and a pen. Not so critical now are we?
  8. gwssms

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    You have to realize that whoever made these probably did not have access to the tools, technology and resources that we have become accustomed to. They are doing the best they can with what they have, and I think it's great that they are sharing with us! Besides, there are much worse models out there - and I've seen 'em for sale! These are free! I don't think it's polite to critcize other's work, especially if you do not have the talent and determination to try it yourself. Walk a mile in that guys shoes before you offer an opinion.
  9. Getter1

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    Well I think thet are pretty neat models. So far I he has the only F-105 I've ever seen in paper and a while back I built one (pics. below).

    For those who have criticized these models I believe everyone is intitled to their opinions, but to criticize so harshly is uncalled for. I ask those critics to show us what they have designed and offered to the community.

    Getter 1

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  10. Getter1

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    A rear view of the F-105

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  11. Clashster

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    I have to agree.... It may not be your cup of tea, but they did require a lot of work and are quite artistic! Not being able to do that myself, I have great respect for those that can, even if I don't want to build their model. Don't particularly like Picasso, but he is still a great artist! :grin:

    Great looking bird, Getter!

  12. widget

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    I agree. I'm (barely) able to re-color and tweak the proportions of a downloaded model (in PAINT ) I'm still quite aways away from designing my own stuff.
  13. Getter1

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    I've designed several models now and still need to complete most of them :p It is a lot of hard work especially if you don't know how to run a CAD program. I know what goes into designing by hand and I can respect all this guy's hard work :D

  14. Dragos

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  15. Buki

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    Hey colleagues!

    If you know leastwise some essentials of Hungarian language (like many people in Slovakia), you'd READ at "Magamról", that Péter-Pál was born in 1946 and begun to make his own cardmodels in 60ties (e.g. a floating ship/vessel model driven by electric motor). As I have understood, in 90ties he scanned his historical hand-painted work on PC and now he cordially offers it to wide public.

    I personally hallow his manually created papercraft.

  16. paulhbell

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    I have to agree with most people on here, they are good models. It's easy to build models, but to design and build your own is a lot harder.

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