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  1. scudbusted

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    Hi! Eric Truax here:

    Long time, no post. Not much lurking either...

    I have my new site up, and I wanted to wait until I had a new model to mention it. So here's the addy:
    The new model, and free, is the M.A.G.P.I.E. If you're at all familiar withthe older model rocketry magpies, this is totally different! It's the detailed toy version 2.0. :)

    If you're no familiar with a M.A.G.P.I.E.? Come visit to see and read more.
    So how about less type and more pics? You got it!

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  2. Mike_BAR

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    Hello Eric,
    Nice to see your new work. Awesome actually. Thank you for sharing.
    Keep up the great work.
  3. pouncing_tiger

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