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  1. baaaboo

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    I have been told I could use foam insulation board to dampen train noise, but was thinking of using this 1/4 inch rubber I found at home depot, you see I want to use the new "S" helper track system and the bed is a hollow plastic which I am sure will transfer noise into the next room which is the TV room. that can't happen LOL. so whats the thought here, mine is of the fam insulation that it crushes when pushed on, were as the dense rubber would insulate the noise????????? help:cry:
  2. Dave Farquhar

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    Well, the theory is that you need to fill the hollow space between the molded roadbed and your table. So I would think the foam would work better than the thick rubber. Unfortunately you may have to experiment a little to figure out what works for your situation. How feasible would it be to set up a circle of track, get enough material to insulate it using both methods you're considering, then test, and then buy enough of whatever works better to do your layout?
  3. wrmcclellan

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    We did a test on Lionel Fastrack and filled the underside with various types of foam (thin packing, thick packing, rubber, etc.) and there was no noticable change in the sound emitted. Particularly for the amount of work it took to get the foam underneath and to have the track lay flat after it was under there. I do not think the noise comes from the ballast. It's the rails.
  4. TR-Flyer

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    I think what you are really trying to do when you try to dampen the sound, is decouple the track system from the large resonating diaphram of your table top. Foam has been used by a lot of people over the years and seems to work well. You might want to consider using S-Helper flex track on top of Vinyl roadbed on your foam. The vinyl roadbed is extremely flexible and can be glued to the foam and the flex track can then be spiked to the roadbed so there is no direct connection to the table top below. Find the roadbed at:


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