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  1. ThunderChild

    ThunderChild Active Member

    Hello again my friends!

    It's been nearly a year and a half since I released the little SDF, and my original intention was to have this model up and available by the official launching day of the SDF, which was in February 2009.

    Unfortunately, as most of you know, real life has a nasty habit of interfering with our intentions, so I had to postpone the official unveiling of this model.

    I'm very pleased with how it came out, and hope that you all will enjoy it too.
    It's not uploaded yet, but it'll be done during the coming week.

    So I guess you wanna see some pics?:twisted:

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  2. Janx

    Janx Member

    TC, once again you have surpassed expectations, that looks just brilliant. beautiful detail too, excellent!
  3. Getter1

    Getter1 Active Member

    Hey TC,

    The Storm Attacer mode looks great :D :D :D

    Sorry I didn't get too far yet on the cruiser mode :( The move came up suddenly on me and it got delayed. I'm finally able to get bulding again and I wanted to hit a VF-1 before getting back on it ;) I got one more set of missiles and that one's done so I'll be back on the SDF-1 after that :D

    Got pics of the progress so far though.


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  4. wulf111

    wulf111 Member

    Looks GREAT TS. you have a great eye for details i will definitely be building this one soon.
  5. ThunderChild

    ThunderChild Active Member

    Thanks for the good words guys! This model was a trial to complete. The small parts are many and monotonous! Those 16 little boxes on the legs in particular! :D

    Wulf, once your carriers are done, I wanna see about rescaling this to fit them, you're doing an amazing job on the Daedalus and Promethius!
    At the scale you're aiming for, I might just as well add some of the transformation mechanisms I designed for the SDF v.3.

    Getter, I can't wait to see what you do with this.
    For those who do not know, G1 has graciously agreed to do a test build. I'm still looking at releasing it this week, so If G1 comes across some mods that need to be done I'll just release some update sheets where necessary...
  6. wulf111

    wulf111 Member

    TC, at that scale The SDF1 would be HUGE, somewhere around 3 feet tall. that would ROCK!!!!! possibly scale down your defender and the Valks to also fit the new larger SDF1 <Wulfs HEAD EXPLODES>
  7. Getter1

    Getter1 Active Member

    Hee hee, Oh no now Wulf's starting to get the sickness. You're starting to thik like I do. Oh no again this is getting really scarry :p I'm afraid there is no cure, you're trully doomed :p

    TC I finally got the missiles done on the VF-1A Max Fighter (just needs clear coat and canopy glued now) so I'm back on the SDF-1. Finishing up the details on the port side main gun then I get to do the other one :p

    SO far no problems at all though these beveled edges are a tad tricky :p

  8. ThunderChild

    ThunderChild Active Member


    They got to me too. They just look so much more exciting though... :mrgreen:
  9. ThunderChild

    ThunderChild Active Member

    Once again, thanks goes to cgutzmer!!!

    All hail!

    Those who haven't checked out the downloads section yet, cgutzmer has uploaded this model for us.

    Enjoy guys! Now lets see some pics!
  10. aaronlam

    aaronlam Member

    Thank you Mr ThunderChild for releasing such a fantastic splendid model!!
    Really looking forward anyone help to have some minimized valkylie to place over SDF !!
  11. wulf111

    wulf111 Member

    i know what i will be doing thus weekend :)
  12. SEBRET

    SEBRET Member

    This is an amazing looking model! I'll definitely have to add it my list of must do's.
  13. Getter1

    Getter1 Active Member

    It is nice isn't it :D Just be sure to take your time on those bevels. They add a lot to the apperance of the model but they can get misaligned easily. Had to cut a few apart and realign myself :p

    Hope to have some more build pics up soon.

  14. Vortex_4200

    Vortex_4200 Member

    :eek: OMG!!!!!

    Drool, drool, drool
  15. Janx

    Janx Member

    Yay another excellent model to join the queue, cheers TC hours of fun ahead :)
  16. ThunderChild

    ThunderChild Active Member

    Oh, it warms the heart to see people enjoying your stuff!!! :p

    I appreciate the kind words guys! Now I know what keeps designers going! :mrgreen:
    Once I'm done with the Gunstar, I want to try and finish off some of the other stalled developments.
    So What's next? It's a secret! :twisted:
  17. takeshi

    takeshi Guest

    ohhh awesome!!! ,only a question where can I download this model??
  18. anubix

    anubix New Member

    Excellent model, I liked the design
  19. ThunderChild

    ThunderChild Active Member

  20. Sippy

    Sippy New Member

    my favorit cartoon of all time, this looks like fun assembly

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