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Discussion in 'Track Planning' started by Harpo, Aug 5, 2006.

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    This is the general plan for the new RR. in N gauge. The bench work is designed so that all areas are reachable without either duck under or hatch access, and, with the exception of two very small areas (a few square inches) everything will require a reach of just about 24 inches. Since the entire RR will be at about 48 in. high I think that is extremely important. The right hand leg by necessity has to be against the wall, as is the top 2 ft wide section. The left leg is accessible on both sides. Why 48 inches high? 1) I think it is a good viewing height either from a barstool or standing; 2) It allows for much storage and workspace below the layout; 3) the vertical supports are available from IKEA, and; 4) mostly because my best buddy fat cat can't jump that high. I hope. (I hate it when the trees have that just-nibbled-upon look.)

    The track plan, still in the sketching stages, will be a dog bone, and I'm a-thinkin and getting inspiration from Last Train to Wobegon, Cherry Picked New England, and Abingdon Branch (Small Smart & Practical Track Plans) and also Iowa Central (48 Top Notch Track Plans) Bench construction is going to be extremely simple: hollow door on IKEA “Ivar” supports which will also hold shelves and provide storage. My first RR was done this way and was extremely solid, but the main mistake was in using a hollow door with masonite surface. Way, way, too heavy. I’ve learned my lesson!

    Anyway, as the track plan develops, I will post for criticisms, ideas, and suggestions. And, as construction begins I’ll do the same with progress there. Thanks for your inputs!


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    If I may make a suggestion - use DCC and do a loop-to-loop configuration with both loops stacked one above the other on the right side. This gives a single grade on the left set of curves where space for turning back is more critical. I would not want to do a loop-to-loop without the automatic reversing available with DCC - too much time critical toggle flipping otherwise.

    my thoughts, your choices
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    If you're working with Ikea, may I make a suggestion that you look at the newer GORM storage Shelving system? I'm going to be building my benchwork out of that... lots of shelving space... VERY solid... shelves can hold 50kg (about 110 lbs) each. It can also be attached in any configuration you feel appropriate. I start building mine at the end of the month :)
  4. Harpo

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    Ivar? Gorm?

    Thanks for the ideas... I looked at the gorm shelving system, but since I already have quite an accumlation of Ivar stuff from the past few years I decided to stick with it. My vertical shelf supports are also bolted to the chair rail, so once in place the house will have to come down before the supports move. Also, I think I preferred the solid Ivar shelves to the Gorm ones, but its a small difference.

  5. 60103

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    Harpo: my layout is built on Ivar. I find it a touch high for working on as the layout comes up to my armpit. I made it removable by putting L-girders over the outside of the uprights. I had to make custom shelves for some bits in order to fit one wall -- but you look as if you may have fit the layout to the shelves. The custom sheves were fitted to strapping screwed to the uprights.
    Watch out on the places where the layout has an overhang. People bend down to look at the shelves and then bring their shoulder up under the layout. Ungh.
  6. Russ Bellinis

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    The hollow core doors may be easier to use (less building needed), but you will have less weight to deal with if you buy door skin material, and 1x2 lumber for framing.
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    Russ, thanks for the suggestion. I have been toying with the 1x2 construction and havent ruled it out yet. The hollow door weight really doesn't bother me, since this layout is going to be permanent-ish. I'm thinking I will likely go to a WS type of track bed rather than covering the entire surface w 2" foam, with plaster cloth over cardboard forms and/or the crumpled newsprint. I've used both in the past on another layout, and either works just fine.

    There is also on the market a very lightweight spackling compound. I've tried it in a few places and it seems to work just fine. Anyone else tried this?

    One last item. I'm in the hospital. 2nd day of chemo. Everything is going super! No reaction to anything. Thanks for your prayers...its working! Many blessings...


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