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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Why me, Oct 4, 2006.

  1. Why me

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    After all my hard so i thought i now find i have to tear up my tarmac sheets of paper i used for my roads its all lifting up in places and the stain marks make it look real untidy just dont look the part i be honest this set back had put me at a real low spent from 8pm last untill 10am this morning bit by bit taken it up im real ashamed of myself that a simple job once again i failed at the wores part is i only just glued the new real cool building a fellow member took time out to build for i real feel like --ap and suggestion guys if not i understand ty .mike
  2. MasonJar

    MasonJar It's not rocket surgery

    Hi Mike,

    Have you considered using spackle, joint compound, or other plaster-type materials?

    If you can find it, I would recommend lightweight joint compound. I have used it for rocks as well and it is easy to work. Spreads like butter, and does not run all over the place like thin plaster (which is sometimes recommended). You can shape it with a putty knife, or even a wet sponge, sand it (when dry). It takes an india in-alcohol stain really well, and can also be painted.

    Good luck!

  3. R. MARTIN

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    Let me tell you Mike, Everyone who has been into model railroading for any length of time has tried new ideas only to find them not quite up to task. The important thing is that you simply get to try again. I firmly believe that model railroading is The Perfect Hobby. It allows us to experiment in so many areas.
    Woodland Scenic offers a putty mixture which accepts coloration and has an thick adhesive tape to for up the edges or, if you are laying asphalt, you just don't use the edge tape. Good Luck!
  4. Why me

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    Thanks guys having a real bad day of things guess it can only get better please god i worked so damm hard and i truly thought i done a good job but i hvt so thats that lol have redo nothing else can be done another day tommorow ty guys for all your help .mike
  5. Ralph

    Ralph's for fun!

    I agree with all of the above Mike! I think tearing out something you've worked hard on is probably part of the hobby territory. :) I've done it more times than I like to admit! As for roads I'm a fan of joint compound.
    Good luck!
  6. Alan Bickley

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    Well, for my roads I have always used a method that I discovered while just experimenting a few years ago. I simply cover the chosen area with a thick layer of dark grey undercoat paint, then I place sheets of tissue paper down on the paint and gently flatten the paper with the same brush I used for the paint - which allows the paint to soak through. When the paper is smoothed down, I just let it dry out. This method is great for making a textured road surface, and you can hardly see the joins in the paper when it's dry!
  7. shaygetz

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    Now that I've got to try...:thumb:
  8. Herc Driver

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    Whoa there Alan - now that's a great idea! I'd never thought of that one. Bet you could make a parking lot in no time at all with that method.

    Why me - We have all done the same thing my friend. Don't worry about it. Tear it all out, clean it up, and start getting excited about figuring out how those new roads will be made. There's plenty of good ideas already mentioned. Pick one and try it!
  9. Why me

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    I knew you guys wouldnt let me down turned up trumps as normal thanks a million guys.mike
  10. Biased turkey

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    Hi MasonJar,
    Do you have a specific brand of lightweight joint compound that's available here in Canada ?
  11. stripes

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  12. MasonJar

    MasonJar It's not rocket surgery

    Stripes - nice link. I have looked at that stuff a million times in the dollar store... :rolleyes: :D

    Turkey - I have used the "poly filla" brand, but just about any of them should work. You will know you have the right one when the container feels empty when you pick it up - very light, foam-like stuff - sort of like Miracle whip dessert topping. ;) Dries into a solid "expanded foam" texture.

  13. Pity you ripped it all up... sounds just like a lot of real roads to me. They put them down and before you know it great chunks are dropping out or someone comes along and rips a whole strip out to bury TV cable. No sooner have they patched that and someone else digs across them for a drain. Then the water company comes round.
    I lived on the main drag into Lancaster in 1975 and there wasn't a week when someone wasn't ripping the road up for the whole year.

    Which reminds me...

    I've learnt about wood horse barriers and flare pots round roadworks in the US... but what do you do when someone rips up one side of the road so all the traffic has to take it in turns over the remaining side? Do you use flagmen, "Stop/Go" boards or temporary traffic lights? My own era is 1980s (creeping into the 90s). I guess that this varied a bit with era?

    Thanks for answers :)

    Back at the original topic... Like everyone i hate it when that sort of thing happens. You just get a perfect finish on a car (or whatever) and bugs decide to land on it. AAARGH!:curse:

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