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    Greetings again,
    Once more I am pleased to announce another release for the P-80 series. The craft that the Blackhawks flew protecting the skies from the evil forces everywhere. From Blackhawk to Olaf to Chop Chop and all the others we were secure in knowing that justice would be served.

    This model is an add on to the kit previously released. All detail and instructions are in the initial kit and you must have it to complete this kit as intended.

    Presenting the first extra livery for the P-80 Shooting star. From the days when heroes were heard on the radio, seen in the Sunday comics or the Saturday afternoon matinee, and read in the dime novels and comic books comes a reminder of days gone by. The Blackhawks were the protectors of all that's good from the evil that stalked our skies and yes, sometimes our roads. From Blackhawk to Olaf to Chop Chop and all the others, they were the protectors of mankind everywhere.

    This is a supplemental addition to the kit. No instructions or detail components are included with this model. You must have the original in order to complete this model in it's intended configuration. This will be the same for all other liveries to follow in this series. Order it today and keep these heroes forever alive in our hearts and minds.

    Order reference : 06-P-80-02

    Also, not to slight the WWI fans, we have another two releases:

    Another repaint of the Mos Type A1 by Sergey is up on the board this morning. This one in the livery representing the French Forces, Escadrille MSP 156. The pilot was Sgt Walter J. Shaffer, 1918.

    Order reference : 133-RP-MoS-AI-03

    We continue hosting approved repaints of Marek's Pfalz D-III. Repainted and modified by Sergey Vlasenko, a close friend and collaborator in modeling of Marek with the kind assistance from Ralph Currell of Currell Graphics. This model represents the craft flown in 1918. I don't have any other information on this particular craft and so if anyone has something I would be grateful to receive it.

    This is, without a doubt, certainly another you will want to add if you are a WWI history fan or just like the graceful elegance of these delicate beauties of flight.

    Order reference : 133-RP-Pfalz D-III-33-05

    Come by the site and look at "What's New"

    Thank you very much


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    Where is the original P-80? I can't find it on your site.
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    Go to the "What's new" page and near the top you will see another button marked "What's new2". Click on it and you will be presented the DGA page. I will have it up on it's own button from the main menu but with the time I had this had to work.

    Something I negelected to note in the original announcement this morning was that John Bowden is the artist behind this heart warming reminder of the childhood days of many of us "youngsters". Looks good, John. It's on my gotta build pile now.

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    If anyone is curious about the other bits of support equipment in the maintenance scene--they can be found here, in the part's bin, under aircraft and aviation. From time to time, we'll be creating new bits of GSE to complement the models.
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    Thanks DeWayne!:grin:

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