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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by artman46, Dec 3, 2006.

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    I have inherited a set of Markle HO's from my dad. I remember him running them some 55 years ago when i was a tot. I dion't believe the've been run since since the mid 50's. I am looking for a source of info on getting them wired up. I am to get the engine serviced at a local train/hobby store as it seems rather stiff. The track is 3 rail and I haven't found any on ebay. I am looking for about 15 striaght and 8 curve pieces. When die Marklin go to the 2 rail track? Can the two systems be combined? Any thoughts y'all might have are appreciated, Thanks, artman46
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    Hi artman,
    Welcome to The-Gauge!:wave:
    The newer Marklin track is still AC track, but the center rail is reduced to unobtrusive
    blackened contact studs in the center of the ties. These sit a little lower than the rails,
    but I would not be surprised to find that your locos could run on it, although the pickup
    bar might need to be modified a little. What did they say at the LHS? Do they have a track
    to test it on?
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    Welcome to The Gauge:wave:

    They had two types of the old three rail. The newer had textured ballast and nicely spaced stamped tie detail. The older type had flatter detail on the roadbed and the ties were spaced a bit further apart. Which one were you looking for? This is my O1 on the newer 3 rail...

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    Welcome To The-Gauge artman.

    Enjoy Your Stay Here.:wave:
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    artman46: I remember marklin running on stud contact in the late 50s. The track should attach to any other Marklin track, although the height may be different.
    They run on AC power with a special reversing technique. No other brand of transformer will work with them.
    There are Marklin dealers around; we have several in Toronto and I know one in Pontiac, MI. (That's only a couple of states away from VA, isn't it?) You should be able to find a dealer nearby. A city with a large German population should have one.
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    Thanks fo helpful replies

    Your answers are helpful. I left the engine with the LHS for cleaning and hope to have it back in a week or so. I'll have a layout though basic, by Christmas. The engine is a Marklin 0-6-0 TM 800 tank engine from the late 40's. The LHS told me there is a valuation guide, but its in German and he didn't have it available. Do any of you have such a guide as I would like to know what I have. There is also a Marklin 0-4-0 Electric engine model RS800 from the early 40's possibly late 30's. By the way, what do the numbers 0-6-0 & 0-4-0 signify? I have found that the old track will join with the new w/o much difference in dimension. I was getting worried I wouldn't be able to expand from the 4x8 layout my dad had set-up. Thanks.
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    Artman, welcome back to trains...LOL.

    Really nice that you have some of your fathers stuff!

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    That is a good website. Has lots of information.
  10. Biased turkey

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    Welcome to the Gauge artman46.
    Like you, I had my 1st Marklin set 60 years ago. Last month I wanted to remember my childhood memories ans ordered a Marklin starter set.
    I was very surprised to see Marklin has a new kind of tracK: the ballast is dark grey and is made out of plastic. I think it's named the "C" type track.
    The old Marlklin track is named "M" track, and to complicate matters Marklin has an unballasted "K" type track.
    I think there is a 24922 C-K track adapter, but to be sure check that forum first, it is the biggest Marklin English speaking forum:

  11. shaygetz

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    Thanks for that Marklin forum link, BT.:thumb:

    Artman, do you have the 110 volt transformer? Marklin runs on 30 volts AC from a 220 volt power pack. Without a step down transformer or one of their packs made for the American market, they will not run.
  12. Biased turkey

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    Nice 01 loco shaygetz I wish I could get one too, but living in an apartment limit the size of my layout to a hollow core interior door ( 30 " by 80 " ) so the only one option for me is a switching layout not very well suited for a 01 type loco.
    Or maybe I could get a 01 loco and build a diorama for it. That 01 is one of the best looking German loco.
  13. shaygetz

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    Should fit on a 32" door just fine, this O1 has a "blind" or flangeless center driver that takes the regular Marklin track curves well. Don't know the metric equivalent but it's about a 14" radius.

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