new project Stormraven from Newobmij

Discussion in 'WarHammer40k' started by terrinecold, Apr 16, 2012.

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    Nice job!
  4. Aeglos

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    That's Great ! A stormraven here in Italy cost 65 € and a plasticard page cost only 2€ :D
  5. terrinecold

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    And this one is in paper (not plasticard) which is cheaper. But to be honest that is not the motivation as the number of hours to build it is quite different. The real motivation for choosing a paper one other the plastic kit is that I am having a lot of fun building it
  6. SirGavvin

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    That looks really nice! I have been wanting to try to build a Stormraven, but I cannot find any files for it except the Patoroch one. As a relative newbie to card modelling, I thought I would hold off on that until I got a bit more experience.
  7. kbkline

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    Thanks for this advice! I'm a complete newbie and I was making the Space-X Dragon and the rocket was stumping me because it's cuts to a specific fit with no tabs. Seeing as how I'm new at this I'm not at ease with doing exact match tubes at this point in time. Using strips I'm sure will solve the issues I'm having! Now I just need to get off of work and go home and try it :)
  8. terrinecold

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    5mn with google and I found that one. Just look for newobmij stormraven and concentrate on 4chn archive sites

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