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Discussion in 'Gaming & Toys' started by terrinecold, Apr 16, 2012.

  1. Zathros

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    The model looks great but I have never seen a ship with the main mast leaning forward like that. It would cause problems with the booms and yard arms and the way they would center themselves as they would want to go forward. The Grand Banks Schooners actually hand then leaned backwards, but never forwards, especially using mast hoops. :)
  2. terrinecold

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    thanks for the comment, the mast is not supposed to lean forward like this it is a result of its history (accident related previously and subsequent rebuilt then used as practice for several rigging technics).
    I ordered a couple of other models from his catalogue and will rebuild this one using the lessons learned.
  3. LDADAMS12

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    Does any know of anyone who has made templates for orks and high elf ships?
  4. terrinecold

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  5. silveroxide

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    I checked that Warseer site and those little boats look neat. Just seeing them, they look real easy to replicate (At least to me). Who knows if someone may make one of them full game size some day. By the way good looking little galeon there you made as well.
  6. terrinecold

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    The game is actually played with this size. It is an old game from game Workshop in the warhammer universe
  7. silveroxide

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    What I meant, is to build them to the GW figures size. This would make for a very large model on the size range of my San Salvador Hybrid.

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