New Project: Imperial Star Battlecruiser Bellator

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by Millenniumfalsehood, Apr 30, 2009.

  1. Millenniumfalsehood

    Millenniumfalsehood Active Member

    Hey dudes and dudettes(if there are any dudettes in this particular forum of this particular website, which I'd imagine the chances of that being true is like 1-in-1*10^78 :p )

    I decided to work on a simpler model than the other stuff on my virtual bench, and since the Imperial Star Battlecruiser Bellator from Fractal Sponge's site is represented in a full color orthographic, thereby eliminating the need to create textures, it would be the prefect design to create as a simplified paper model. I say simplified, because the original CG model is detailed enough to be a VFX model for a new Star Wars movie! And this is one *vicious* design, with 110 Heavy Turbolaser batteries and 15 Heavy Ion turrets!

    Check out the images below(the creator of this ship has rigged the site to disallow direct linking to the images, a smart move to save on bandwidth and to keep people from stealing the images, so you'll have to go through the links): Star Battlecruiser/slides/orig_2 custom.html Star Battlecruiser/slides/orig_15 strong contrast.html Star Battlecruiser/slides/orig_38.html Star Battlecruiser/slides/orig_37 custom.html

    I'm already working on the CG model, and should be done in a few weeks. I want to finish this design for another battle with paper craft. It will be about, oh, four-five feet in length when finished(I'm scaling it to the ShunPop Star Destroyer).


    The question is, do you guys want this ship? I have contacted Fractal Sponge in the past (I forget the chap's name), and he's the friendly sort, so he may allow me to distribute a low-poly paper model on this site.
  2. Soaring

    Soaring Middle School Student

    Oh my gosh man! That's an understatement! We need this!

    Pat on the back to the designer, that is one spot on ship! :thumb:
  3. bf109

    bf109 Member

    OH , YES we want it !!!! :thumb:
  4. wedge

    wedge Member

    I want it too :thumb::mrgreen: very much ! Is there some posibility to make the battlecruiser in the same scale as USS SULACO ? - How long is the ship in "reality" ? :rolleyes:
  5. ennder

    ennder Member

    OH Please, I want one of these so bad I can taste it :)
  6. cmags

    cmags Guest

    In the guy's original post on he stated it was approx. 7km long. (Which is like 20x the length of Sulaco.) :eek:
  7. bf109

    bf109 Member

    told you before cmags , think BIG sign1
  8. Millenniumfalsehood

    Millenniumfalsehood Active Member

    Seems we have a go to make this one public (barring denial from Fractal Sponge). I'll get to work, then. :)

    The next couple of weeks are going to be rather hectic for me; not only are my finals coming up during that time, but I'm also trying to get a job and prepare for Wonderfest. I'll try to squeeze in the Bellator in the mean-time. :thumb:

    SEBRET Member

    Looks promising, can't wait.
  10. Millenniumfalsehood

    Millenniumfalsehood Active Member

    I've been getting some work done on her, but not as much as I'd like. But on top of that, I did something that's, frankly, embarrassing: I accidentally left my computer outside on the grill because I got distracted by my new puppy(he's still not quite house-trained). And it rained. Yep, my computer got drenched, and it's got some issues. Hopefully the water will soon evaporate off the keyboard's inner mechanisms so I can get work done without having to deal with two keys striking at the same time, etc(my arrow keys don't work half the time, either). Luckily, my files and the overall system seems intact, if a bit frazzled. Once it's completely dried I'll get back to work on the Bellator.
  11. davitch

    davitch Member

    If you are needing a new keyboard I might have one laying around here...keep up the good work though!
  12. Millenniumfalsehood

    Millenniumfalsehood Active Member

    Nah, just water in the system. It's now dry, so I can continue to work in force. I want to get the mesh finished soon so I can take it to Wonderfest to show to the plastic modelers. They'd probably be interested in it as a template (or as a paper model; one of them, Griffworks, posts here, so that's at least one that'll want a paper model of the Bellator). I've been working out some stuff in my head for this model, and I think I want to try making the guns 3D objects as opposed to textures, given the size of this beast.

    Right now, I really need to work on my Chemistry and Trigonometry finals reviews. Those two courses are kicking my butt, and I'm going into Engineering, so I'll need those two. *sigh*
  13. Kjev

    Kjev Member

    3-Foot Galactica, 3-Foot Roger Young, 3-Foot Sulaco, 5-Foot Bellator . . . .

    Hee hee hee!!! Things you can never afford to do in Styrene!
  14. Paragon

    Paragon Active Member

    As long as you make it easy to print duplicates for panel details.

    Very nice looking ship though, I'll definitely want to build this one.
  15. Millenniumfalsehood

    Millenniumfalsehood Active Member

    Heh, no I'm *not* trying to compensate for anything. :oops: Other than an utter lack of large Star Wars models in paper or styrene. Resin's a different story, but that's offset by the prices. Randy Cooper's Star Destroyer would be great, but I can't afford one.

    Not only that, but huge, detailed models that the big companies would *never* consider doing for financial reasons. :wink:

    Ah, only one school day left, after which I do my four final exams, and then I'm free, I'm free, I'm sugar free!!!!!! Bwaahahahaha! :twisted:
  16. Kjev

    Kjev Member

    Not me man, I run on the stuff! My hot chocolate would kill anyone with a heart condition.
  17. Millenniumfalsehood

    Millenniumfalsehood Active Member

    Actually I'd like to take you up on that. :wink: I wonder: are you (or anyone else viewing this thread) heading up to Wonderfest?

    I think I won't be getting any more progress on this until after my life gets a little less complicated.
  18. Kjev

    Kjev Member

    I'm not even sure where Wonderfest is. But I can send you the recipe.
  19. Millenniumfalsehood

    Millenniumfalsehood Active Member

    'Tis a bit far for you, I'm afraid: Louisville, Kentucky. I'll be going by plane (for the first time), so it's not quite the ginormously long trip that it usually is. It's basically the Mecca for Sci-Fi and Fantasy fanatics and modelers.

    I'd love to see that cardiac-arresting recipe of yours, btw. :twisted:
  20. wolflone

    wolflone New Member

    Well man, the answer is YES!, we want it and it will be a milestone if this model shows more details than the printed ones. Of course, nothing complicated, but something to add more "flavor" to the final appereance.

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