New Project - Captain Rex Clone Wars

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by culpster, Sep 5, 2008.

  1. the4ce

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    When will the 2 foot clone tropper will be ready?

    I can't wait for it. :)
  2. culpster

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    Glad to see there is some interest

    I am working on it slowly. On my 3rd version and it is shaping up to be the winner by far. The realistic version was just not going to be that great in large style. But I think that you will think this one is much better anyways. Still in the last modeling portions and then it is on to ink the pieces. I'll keep everyone informed. If you take a look at the 1st page, you will notice that I learned to use the 3d programs and it makes modelling much easier! Here is another pic....Yes, this is the final version of the helmet. i have tried many others, but ended up just making my own by scratch and I think I got pretty close to the real helmet on this one and still very easy to put together. The scope on the helmet is not showing but it will be added. Just need to put his neck on and tweak here and there. It is getting there.

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  3. culpster

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    Last image...

    Hope this wets your appetites... The hands were a pain, but they will actually hold the weapons without having to glue. Down the road, I may add an option arm that would be giving a hand signal, the other weapon could be placed in the holster, but I am getting ahead of myself. Who should I do next? I was thinking a standard clone or stormtrooper, but I would be interested in hearing ideas. Thanks for staying tuned.

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  6. culpster

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    Here is the helmet

    Getting those symbols on his helmet to line up were a pain the the #$%. I'm happy with the outcome for the poly count used. Still some minor details to add on the back, and that front cut out to do. Might get to work on it on Thursday again...LOL - Yes, I changed the helmet again!

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  7. Cuthbert

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    The helmet looks cool. Hope you will be able to finish soon. I would like to build it for Halloween.
  8. culpster

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    Updated pic

    This one is taking alot longer because I am a little anal about the helmet. I think I finally have a winner! all other modelling is done and I am working on coloring at this point. I was going for the Clone Wars 3d type. It is harder to get close than I thought! Here is the final version, just colored clone like to get a feel for the look. It will be turned into Rex soon enough.

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  9. culpster

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    Here is where I am right now, had some time to finish up the model and started the painful coloring

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  10. culpster

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    Another view

    Yes, I changed the helmet again...wall1

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  11. spartan_god

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    can't to give us the link, look ready to go. Awesome stuff man.:thumb:
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    Any updates on this? Anyone know if Culpster is around these days?
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    can you please put the links of the files? i wanna make capt rex helmet :)
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    Yes, please! My son LOVES Rex!
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