New problem - clicking / grinding!?!?

Discussion in 'G / O / S Scale Model Trains' started by MCF, Dec 21, 2005.

  1. MCF

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    My engine is only a week old (Black Diamond Freight) and it has been run a couple hours each day...tonight, for no reason, there started to be a clicking/cracking sound coming from around the rear wheels/trucks when going around any corner in either forward or reverse...could it just be that the gears need greased/oiled? I am afraid to run the engine now (and plus the issues with TMCC from my other post have irritated me to the point I don't want to run it anyway...hehe). Thanks!!!
  2. MCF

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    this problem has seemed to solve itself...took engine off and turned it upside down and looked everything over and made sure everything was moving ok and ran it the opposite way on the track and everything seems smooth again...oh if I could get rid of the 'white noise' buzz coming out of the engine speakers.....
  3. 60103

    60103 Pooh Bah

    Have you been running it on the floor or where it might pick up any stuff that might get caught?
  4. MCF

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    If I face the engine so that counterclockwise is forward, the noise does not exist in either direction. If I face the engine so that clockwise is forward, the noise is present in either direction. Yes, the Fastrack is laying on a hardwood floor. What is going on.....this is my first train and definetely don't want to mess up my engine...
  5. Chief Eagles

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    Those SD80's will lock up if not overlubed. I take a needle oiler and put a drop [I use synthetic Slick 50 One Lube, hard to find] behind every gear so it gets to the shaft. Then lube the heck out of those gears. Also use neeedle oiler to oil all the axles. If you run it a lot, do it once a month. These engines have a reputation for this. They will get squeals in curves that sounds like brakes squealing but its the gears and shafts.
  6. 60103

    60103 Pooh Bah

    This will require observation. See which way the wheels go when you get the noise. Look at them and see if anything is there for rubbing. You'll have to turn it upside down.
  7. MCF

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    Lionel Oil/grease......


    Is the little Lionel Grease/Oil kit they sell at the hobby stores sufficient?

  8. MCF

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    This problem....

    turned out to be the flywheel on the rear motor touching a cable tray...solved it by bending the cable tray out of the way....still have the buzzing...being sent back to Lionel this Friday (assuming I get my RA this week).....
  9. Geno

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    Did you get your engine sent off to Lionel yet? If not, pull the shell off the chassis and check to see if your can motors are getting loose. If they are even slightly loose they will cause a grinding noise due to excessive clearance. A definite symptom of this is free-wheeling wheels- if they turn without the flywheel turning your motor is about to come off.

    The motor is held onto the truck by a small screw concealled by the pick-up roller assembly, which is accessed through the top of the motor truck block. You need to pull the pick-up roller assembly first and then unscrew/ tighten the motor mount screw.

  10. MCF

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    I sent it back a couple days hurry to get it back as I have already boxed up the set. When I get the engine back...I may make an around the wall type layout....thanks.
  11. Geno

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    Lionel's factory service dept. is very good, despite what you might read on this and other forums. My SD-90 developed a bad DCDRS (Odyssey) board, I sent the engine in , and it came back running better than ever.

    The Lionmaster SD-80/90 mechanically speaking is very similar to the scale versions, so the problems tha develop are almost always the same- bad TMCC and Odyssey boards, loose motors, fried smoke units, etc. Not to worry, though- my UP SD-90 has well over 250 hours on it (not light duty either- double or tripple lash ups pulling long intermodal trains) and it runs beautifully.


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