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    Although I've only recently got into papercraft I have a ton of models I'd like to build so I was looking into buying a CISS (Continuous Ink Supply System). The only problem is I don't want to buy a CISS for my current printer as its just a cheap photo printer (Epson CX5500) that a family member gave to us when they upgraded.

    I did some research and narrowed my list down to an Epson Stylus Photo T50.

    Has anyone had any experience with this printer or similar models?

    With the CISS costing about ~$100 AUD I don't really want to spend anymore then $200 AUD on a printer.
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  3. isenhart

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    The built-in CISS does make that printer pretty awesome but you are correct in that it looks difficult to find somewhere selling it. Looks like its only available in India and Indonesia. I might trawl through eBay to see whats out there. Thanks for the tip!
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    Your locale makes it possible, here in the states, we will never see that machine. I can get O.E.M. Epson ink cheap, really cheap, here in the U.S., the same stuff Epson gets from Dupont. That link would do you no good though. :)

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