New power on the Ballantyne branch

Discussion in 'Photos & Videos' started by Herc Driver, Mar 27, 2007.

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    That's looks great! I love that paint scheme.
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    Cool looking loco.
    I know what you mean about short lines, branches, and locals. I've been getting more interested in the EJ&E outside of Chicago lately
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    Herc, that GP38-2 looks AWESOME :thumb: and your shots are so GOOD :thumb: and CLEAR. :D SWEET shots, lets see some more!! :thumb: :D :D

    BTW, who makes those SWIFT trucks? Are those Con-Cor? I will be needing TONS of trucks for my N layout to that I am starting soon. :D
  4. Herc Driver

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    My sincere thanks to everyone that viewed my pictures...I'm working hard to improve their quality...adjusting lighting, exposure settings, etc. The engine looks great but runs a bit noisey...maybe needing more running time. I'll post a few more shots when I get the chance. Thanks again guys.

    Josh - those trucks are Concor's (Swift, Graebel, Recycling, and Auto Zone rigs) and deluxe innovations (Burlington rig). The Roadway truck you sometimes see in my pic's is from Athearn as is the postal truck. I have the more standard Ford tractor/trailor rigs from Atlas too that I added dry decals to for various railroads. I try to weather the front ends where the exhaust would hit, and weather the tires to remove the black shine from them. You'll be doing good to find trucks for under $10 a piece. Some hobby stores carry them below $10 all the time, others charge way more.
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    Waiting for fuelers to arrive...Hey where is everyone?

    Awaiting a top off to pull its first three boxcar load, Maryland Midland's GP-38 sits idling waiting for the fuelers to arrive. It's an old fueling station and more labor intensive than the newer multi-rail stations - but it does the least it will when the guys arrive to hook up the hose.

    (The fueling station is a "work in progress" with most of the repainting accomplished last night. May will recognize this standard Model Power build-up and the original tank colors of bright red/yellow/green...yeah...I had to change that and repainted everything flat black. The base is now old concrete color, and the roof is removed of course. I'll go back and color selected tanks and drums to liven up the station a bit and add an extension to the hose swing arm. The entire build-up was weathered with chaulk too. The base will have a foundation made raising it to track height as well and will probably be relocated to the siding at the top left with vehicle parking areas and a small shack added too..)

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