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Discussion in 'Track Planning' started by Myowngod, Jul 29, 2006.

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    I've been working on this plan for my dads basement. It's based off of a John Armstrong plan in MR book "The Classic Layout Designs of John Armstrong". It's the PRR Schuylkill Division plan. I modified it by mirror imaging it and then extending the upper left lobe out by approximately 3ft.. My dad wants to "Just run trains". I would like to get into more of the switching/operational aspect of the hobby. Although i do enjoy a good run around the layout every once in a while.
    The space available is 13 x 16 in HO scale
    Track key:
    Blue - Mainline
    Purple - sidings and yard
    Green - Branch line
    Still working on the engine service facility area.

    Here is the original plan.

    View attachment 28395

    Here is a revised version of the plan
    1. I moved the main to the outside edge. When i was building the CAD plan I thought of this but I wanted to get it in the computer straight from the Armstrong book. Then i planned on modifying it from there.
    2. I turned of the staging yards in the lower right lobe for ease of visualization.
    3. I'm not sure how to fix the mains now coming out of the northeast side of the yard. Previously they lined up all the way around. now, I'll need to do cross overs or change the upper left corner, where it deverges into the 4 lines (flying interchange) going down to the staging.

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  2. Russ Bellinis

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    I presume the green lines are your branch line for switching. Excellent idea if you want to switch while he runs the mainline. I think I saw a run around track on the upper left quadrant inside the loop. The spurs on the red track to the outside of the loop have both trailing point and facing point switches. You don't seem to have a run around with access to it. I would suggest some cross overs on the loop to allow a train on the outside main to move over and a connection to between the outside main and the red line will allow you to run around the cars as needed to switch that set of industries. You face the same situation at the end of the green branch line in the lower right loop. It looks like there would be room to put a run around on the branch in near proximity to those sidings to solve that problem. Otherwise it looks like a really good plan for both of your interests.
  3. Myowngod

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    Is there any way of getting a clearer picture from Xtrkcad onto the website and still keep it under a meg. I've been using the print to bitmap function in Xtrkcad, but, it always comes out a little fuzzy looking.

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    The aisles are a little tight. The one hiccup in the plan is that it use ti be O scale. The aisles were 24" at the narrowst parts. One way i helped widen the aisles was to extend the upper left lobe out 3'. That allowed me to swing the center peninsula up abit. They are still narrow in one spot, just north of the round house. I was thinking of reducing the radius of the upper left lobe and the center peninsula. I would gain those prescious few inches.

    On another note, does anyone have any ideas for an industry in the lower right, off the branch/alt rt line(green). I just temporarily put some spurs there but I haven't come up with an idea. The only industries I have right now are a mine (upper right {Walthers New River type}) and a planing mill/Lumber yard (left side). There isn't much room on the plan for businesses. Maybe along the backd rop behind the main yard. I could have building flats there, some sort of warehouses/ furniture mfg. That would give the Lumber ayrd a purpose. To compliment the mine I should have a power plant or fuel supply company. Don't mind me I'm just thinking out loud on this page right now, hehe.

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    Here is the most current version. I reduced the radii by 2", on the upper left loops only. It added 4" to my aisle northwest of the roundhouse.
    Anyone have any ideas for an industry for the lower right area? Mainly pertaining to the green branchline. I have a small run around and 2 sidings but nothing is set in stone. I do need somethiing to compliment the coal mine (upper left industry, inside loop)

    PS the purple dashed line in the lower right lobe and under the northeast side of the yard are 2 staging areas with 3 tracks on each.

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  6. Russ Bellinis

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    I think the best way to plan the layout is to imagine what part of the world you are modeling. If you know where you are modeling, look into what sort of industries they have in that area. You don't have to complement a mine, or a logging area, or anything else. Remember, railroads often ship products including raw materials accross country. If you are modeling Wyoming or Montana in the 30's or 40's, you might have a loading chute for loading cattle. If you are modeling a plains state, you might put in a grain elevator. In Appalachia, you might have coal tipples, logging, and furniture manufacturing.
  7. Myowngod

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    Ahh, A light bulb turns on.

    Thanks Russ
    I see that in all the mags and plans, but for some reason I wasn't applying it to my plan. I was viewing the layout as an inclosed self sufficient world. That's not true to life! I'll start to vary the industries now.

    Here is a link to a clearer view of the plan for ALL to critique.

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