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    Diderick, I merged the two threads as two threads with the same name is redundant. Also, so that others may now, any picture you post here will be available to Facebook with approximately 10 minutes after posting it. Some people love Facebook, some don"t. Just something to make you aware of. This of course means that, you put it out there, forget about having any control over it. It is now in the public domain, and that is it. Again, there is nothing inherently wrong with this unless it is something you made from scratch and wish to maintain of all of it's distribution, in that case, a "Watermark" may be the best solution.

    As usual, I just spent the last hour going all of these wonderful photos! :)
  2. Aleks: Modern Sci Fi and Phantasy are indeed still uderrepresented in the Collection - all the more reason for you to send pictures. See details in my first message. Looking forward!
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    Wow, great models. I spent an hour just looking.

  4. Glad you liked the Collection - just passed the 13.000 mark a few hours ago! So anyone reading this: do send some pictures!! (So far, people are far too modest - I only get positive reactions if I ask frum members directly. That takes a lot of time - please help by sending pictures spontaneously?! My mail:
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    What a great collection! Now, if only I can hone my skills to build that well. :oops: Thanks for helping everyone share their hard work
  6. Added several dozen new pictures in the last few weeks, more to follow. Have a look, and please, do send me some of your own pictures. Nothing fancy required - as long as they are sharp. Pictures taken outside, with a cloudy sky usually come out well. Get as close as your camera allows, check for sharpness, then send them to me:
    Nearly 18.500 visitors so far show it is worth the trouble!
    Hope my mailbox will fill up!

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