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  1. Because my own website / internet shop ( did not give me the possibility to add larger pictures, I decided to set op a Flickr account. It is meant to become a sort of exhibition / gallery with photographs of completed models. People seem to like it: in only three weeks I already had over 1200 visitors.
    Please send me pictures of your models - do not worry too much about quality: we are not all experienced photographers. I would like you to add a few details: publisher and/or designer, scale, name of the builder. Send to If files get too big, try or similar.
    You will find my photostream at Flickr: Den Bakker's Photostream
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    That is a really nice collection of models. I wish I knew where to get some of those in the United States. One big advantage of living in the E.U. is your access. I hope you keep adding more and more photos. Feel quite free to bump this thread so people can see these models, you photographic skills are fantastic and offer a great look at these models.
  3. Thank you, Zathros for your embarrassingly kind words. Photography has been another lifelong hobby of mine, but taking this kind of pictures is not as difficult as you may think it is - a large white paper background sheet, a tripod and a camera (generally single lens reflex camera) which gives one the option to use small aperture / longer shutter speed for depth of field, and a room with good light. My attic is my studio on a bright, but not too sunny day.
    About finding these models: contact me via my website and I will see if I can help!
    And bumping the thread - of course I would like as many people as possible to enjoy the pictures (and to send me more, for that matter!), but how does one bump a thread??
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    Just make a post, it pushes it backup. Some people do this with a "wrong intent" but some threads liek this deserve to be out there for a long period, sojust be adding pictures and stating you have added more will bring it back up.

    I have a large collection of Nikkor Lenses and a Nikon FM2 body. I am trying to save money up so I can get a D series body so that I can use all my lenses. I also have a 70 to 220MM and a Tamron 500mm TeleMacro Lens. As 35 MM film has become so expensive to develop, I have gone too my Canon Elph S620 which can take remarkable pictures and my JVC Picsio which can take 1080P Stereo Video clips and is about the size of a cigarette box! I still found my 500 MM Tamron TeleMacro to be one of the most useful lenses though. I have Nikkon wide angle that you can touch the lens to the part and still focus. The resulting pictures are just remarkable for detail. When I repaired electronics, I could take pictures of damaged circuit boards and see things I could not see other wise, when enlarged.

    It's a nice feeling with the Nikon's when what you see is what you get. That seems lost on the LCD screens, the depth control etc. I want to get least frill, probably a D70 body, as that will take the 20 or so F mount lenses I have. The 70 to 2200 mm Olympus lens is a slide zoom that stays in focus as you soon, really amazing optics on this older stuff. The new Lytro's will only be sold through that company. If and when he licenses out the technology, The lenses will not be obsolete as they will still offer the range in which the focus takes places. Very interesting times ahead. The pixels have to get smaller though. They are still far too big. Nikon 8 megalpixel Cameras have some of the smallest pixels and produce some of the best pictures.

    Lytro's new no focus post processing camera may change everything:



  5. Several hundred people visited my new Photo Collection on since I anounced it here a few days ago, so it definitely seems to be a good idea. I have already added more pictures - please send me your photo's!
    Zathros - I used to work with a simlar Nikon F3 outfit - dad that none of these expensive lenses can be used any more. They fit my D50 all right, but all the electronic functions are gone. I am very happy with the Tamron 18-250 Macro - a very versatile lens. And of course I would never consider anything but an optical, through the lens viewfinder. OK for holiday snaps, but no good for anything more serious!
  6. Have added some more pictures, but please send me photo's of your own models - 2000 visitors so far seem to think it's a good idea, so don't hesitate! For my mail, see first entry on this thread.
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    Gota BUMP this thread, great pictorial archive. Thank you Diderick!

    I know that the electronic functions have been lost with some of these lenses but it makes you have to go back to using your eye and again participating more in the photographic process. I find this attractive as lately it seems we are being pulled away from the analog/real world so much. Some of that is good because of the resultant, some of it is not an improvement thought. Thinking is fun!
  8. Over the last few days I have added over 50 new photo's, among them quite a few by fellow forum members like Chris Davenport, Billy Leliveld and Marco van Hattum.
    Number of visitors in 3 months: 3500!
    Please come and have a look :
    And don't be shy, do send pictures of your own favourite builds to
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    Those three names have to be some of the top modelers in the Hobby. the only problem I have with your website is that I find myself spending a long time there, looking at all of the models, and POOF! there goes a couple of hours!! :)
  10. Look at it from the bright side: it keeps you and me off the bottle, and off the streets...
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    Never was a drinker, and the streets around here have no names, or sidewalks, for that matter, it's quite common to see kids hanging out in little clearings off of the side streets, in the woods. Rarely, and I really mean rarely, do they cause any trouble. If I had grown up in this area, I would have been a fox in a chicken coup! :twisted:
  12. And again - now well known builders Mike Stamper (UK), Adolf Pirling (Germany) with lots of locomotives etc. designed by his brother Albrecht Pirling, Carlos Filipe (Portugal) have allowed me to add their pictures to the Collection. Dutch paper artist Lieuwe Wynia has not appeared aon any forums so far, but makes some absolutely amazing things.
    Glad my idea of an international exhibition is beginning to take shape. Please send your pictures - 4000 visitors have already found
    Flickr: Den Bakker's Photostream
    and I am getting very positive reactions.
  13. Just to inform you that my New Photo Collection ( ) is a great succes - fast approaching the 10,000 mark, since mid November. I have just added these two pictures of an Australian paddle boat steamer, designed, published and built by Jeroen van der Worm, Holland. You will find the Alexander Arbuthnot on Google Images.
    Many of the contributors to my Collection are regulars of this Forum - why not follow their example, and send pictures of your favourite builds to my personal mail address, . Don't be too impressed by the super models and super photography in many of the contributions; my only requirement is that the pictures are sharp, and that you have enjoyed building the model.
    Looking forward to your reactions,
    all the best, Diderick A. den Bakker

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    Beautiful Boat! Thanks Diderick! :)
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    Very nice site, well organized. You say not to be too impressed by the super models, but it's hard not to be. Most are way beyond my modest skill level.
  16. But I keep saying it: pictures of less perfect models are more than welcome, too. As long as they show the pleasure you have derived from building it. So do send more, everyone: direct to my personal mail (see first entry).
    There are now nearly 700 pictures in the collection, and 12.500 visitors in 6 months. So your pictures will be appreciated!
  17. We are now at nearly 700 pictures, and 12.500 visitors in six months. Please do send pictures of your own favourite builds?!
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    I must admit... jawdrop jawdrop!

    Not in my main genre (modern sci-fi anf fantasy) but really good models!
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    You can enter Sci-Fi into there. That is what Diderick wishes, then you would have more Sci-Fi models in there.

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