New Perry Rhodan papermodel starting this week

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  1. Hi all,

    I can proudly announce that a new papermodel will be in the upcoming next three german weekly "Perry Rhodan" novels, once again a teamwork from me and the gifted german designer Martin Sänger, who constructed it. The numbers of the novels are 2557 (in the shops at August 20th, 2010), 2558 and 2559.

    It is a classic Battle-Robot called "Gladiator R1" in 1:12 scale, and this is how he will look when built:


    The model has 191 parts. It is not an easy build, but worth the effort, I`ld say. :)
  2. some other pics from the R1

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  3. Hot4Darmat

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    Gorgeous. I love the classic "old-school" robot design. Reminds me of the robot designs I saw in comics I read as a kid called "Magnus Robot Fighter". (not being German, I didn't discover Perry Rhodan until much later).
  4. Mousemuffins1

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    Is there any other way to obtain this model? It's kinda cool, but I don't live in Germany.
  5. The publisher put the 3 other models that were printed till yet on their website for download a while after the novels were out, so I guess this one will be available online too in a couple of weeks.


    Let us know when! :D

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