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Discussion in 'Kit Announcements' started by mad_vins, Mar 24, 2009.

  1. mad_vins

    mad_vins New Member

    Hello everyone.
    Im glad to announce my new ''KW Cartoon Model".
    Visit this link:
    Paper models my passion
  2. That waving smilely is affecting the link. Try:

    P.S. Don't let the company name fool you -- the first offering is a Bell P-39 D1 BE Airacobra, and judging from the gallery photos of the prototype, there's nothing "cartoon' about it.
  3. dkaniel

    dkaniel Member

    Are you planning on offering any military vehicles and what era will the models be from-WW2, Cold War?
  4. vins

    vins New Member


    WW II, Cold war, modern. Aircraft and vehicles. Aircraft my favorite.
  5. cjwalas

    cjwalas Member

    I like the look of your P-39 kit. I noticed you have the JU-87B in preparation. Any idea of when that one will be available?
  6. vins

    vins New Member

  7. cjwalas

    cjwalas Member

    That P-39 build is absolutely stunning. I have seen only a few paper model builds that transcend the medium as well as that build does. Unbelievable. I only hope the JU-87B has the same potential. You have a buyer in me for certain!
  8. vins

    vins New Member

    Ju-87 is more mature. I got more experience now :)

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