new on son's hospital stay

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by scoobyloven, Oct 31, 2005.

  1. MasonJar

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    Thanks for the update Scoob...

    As the father of a four-year-old I feel for you... Glad to hear that the birthday, Christmas, and even Finding Nemo has brought a smile to your son's face again.

    Best wishes for you and your family.

  2. interurban

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    Thanks for the info Scooby.
    Your Son and you two are in our prayers.
  3. screen

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    Thanks for the update - still praying! Did you paint a train to go arround that tree?
  4. eightyeightfan1

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    Thats real good news.
    All our prayers.
  5. ausien

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    little man......:thumb::thumb::thumb::thumb:
    Thats great news scoob, hope it all goes well from here on in mate,give the little bloke a hair rub from us here in OZE....have a good one..steve
  6. scoobyloven

    scoobyloven Member

    well guys today is the day when we find out when he will come him from the hospital we have a care meeting with all the dr's today.

    he is doing very well they have got his feedings up to 60 ml and his tummy is working slowly and they are happy with his recovery as of now. but the road is still long for him and we hope to bring him home befor christmas :p if we could do that that would be a great gift this year. but we will see today on what they have planed .
  7. interurban

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    I do hope the meeting goes well scooby.
    Praying the Lad is home for Christmas friend.
  8. shaygetz

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    Thanks for the update, Scoob. As one who plays Ole Santa every year, I'll keep a little space reserved for him....right after I finish with this happy camper :thumb:

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  9. scoobyloven

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    well guys we had the meeting with the dr's and they are pleased they took the rest of iv's off of him yesterday. and his feedings are at a steady 70 ml an hour. i got to hold him for the frist time sence oct 25 th. wife tried yesterday and he had a fit so i told here let me try and he. fell asleep while i was holding him. the dr's are telling us he could be their over xmas and maybe the new year. becouse his liver enzimes are outa wack and they are trying to find out why but his tummy is looking very well. going to have a nasty scar but it looks good . he is even starting to have poo. "what a thing to be happy about" but they did say we will have a home nurse when he come home. and we are going to have to clean the whole house no germs any where. but the dr's did bring up the qustion no parent want to hear. if he gets worse in the furture how far do you want to take it . i looked at the dr's and told told them he has showed us what he wants out of life. but that qustion has sat hard on us so we are haveing a meeting with our pastor to talk about it . we went out yesterday and got him a little 3 foot tree for his room. well guy i'll keep you all posted on what is going on.

    take care
  10. steamhead

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    That's good news! There's nothing so heartbreaking as a child with a grave illness. I don't think I've ever prayed so hard as when my oldest boy (he was about 5 then) had his tonsils taken out (nothing compared to your boy's illness)...A relatively simple procedure, but there's always a risk.

    We will keep him and all of you in our thoughts.

    Gus (LC&P).

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