New O gauge high wall layout

Discussion in 'Track Planning' started by FiveFlat, Dec 28, 2005.

  1. FiveFlat

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    Okay guys, so here's a pic of the plan. I think it would be really neat to cut out a tunnel that goes into the office and back out the other side.
    But I'm not sure what would look better, a short tunnel through the corner of the office, or have it enter above the hallway and go all the way through the office and come back out along that 14' wall.

    This is where I would like all your expert suggestions.

    I downloaded XtrkCaD, but found it far too difficult to plan with, so I used Paint to draw this.
    Let me know what you all think...

  2. Batdive

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    Five, I answered your other post in the O gauge topic, reference this and included some pics of what I just got done doing in my son's room.. Its about 2 feet down from the ceiling and came out nice.. Just need some touch up paint and finalize the wiring and its done for now...

    It will expand with some buildings on the plant shelf (hopefully lit and separately wired to use as a night light for him)

    Enjoy it was fun to build for me and even though it goes around the room it adds something to the transportation theme ;)

    Oh and reference the tunnel... If you want it to add the train to your office as well I would go through the wall into it...

    But if you havent done it before it might be good to stick to your one room and complete it first... Then if you want to add you can always make the places where it goes around the office wall a switch track so you can choose to go into both rooms or keep it in the one.

    I modified your pic to show you what i meant.. (Dang attach files was a pain.. but...)

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  3. FiveFlat

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    Well, it turns out the wife doesn't like the idea of any layout other than this high wall layout for the den. So it looks like I'll have to use my 6'x8' area in the garage for my HO layout.
    Anyway - here's what I think I'll be doing for the den.

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