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    Page 21 of the new MR has an ad from "Precision Craft Models" for an N E7 A&B with QSI sound, DC/DCC operation, and dummies. The advertising style is very similar to what Broadway Limited does in H0... though this firm's address is in Florida. They have a website given but it wasn't up as of a few hours ago.

    A w/ QSI sound and DC/DCC: $239.99
    A DC w/ DCC socket $129.99
    A dummy: $79.99

    B w/ QSI sound and DC/DCC: $229.99
    B DC w/ DCC socket $119.99
    B dummy: $74.99
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    they've got their website up and updated! :)
    now about that price...
  3. Bikerdad

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    Well, about that price:

    A Kato PA1 has an MSRP of $105, $110 when Uncle Pete sticks his hand out. Add a Digitrax DN163 series decoder for another $35, and you're looking at $140. So you're dropping $100 for sound. Not unreasonable, especially given that its factory equipped.

    Admittedly, the DCC ready no sound locos seem to be about $25 overpriced, but given that they come truly DCC ready with an NMRA plug, it looks to be only about $10-$15 above the market. Toss in another $5 for the operating knuckles (okay, only $2 if they're Accumates), and its right in there, MSRP wise.

    I am going to be getting one, an E7B Undec, loaded. It will join my two Undec Kato E8s to be painted for my custom train, giving a bit of sound to whole affair.

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