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    I was looking at some of the websites that are announcing the new 0-8-0 switchers coming out this year ( I think it is Walthers ). In the advertisement for these engines they mention something about that one of the last mainline roads to buid this type of switcher was the Norfolk and Western.The thing that gets me is that in their list of road names not a one is painted up for the Norfolk and Western. Im pretty sure that they could do this and it would pass off as close to prototype exept maybe for the tender. No worse than other manufacturers do with other standard wheel configurations.
    Come to think of it Bachmann also has a 4-8-2 Mountain that has no N & W paint scheme. Even better, take the boiler off the J and modify one to fit on the Mountain and they would have another unique locomotive (Streamlined K or "baby J") that no one else has. The tooling shouldn't cost too much to do this. I'm sure that there are other locos from other roads that can be produced rather inexpensively with a minimum amount of tooling. I know that some manufacturers do some sort of poll or take potential "preorders" like Precision Scale to see if a particular model would sell well but sometimes you have to see the product first before you would buy it. I think that some people would change their minds if they can actually see the product rather than just be asked if they would be interested in buying one. Well that is my rant for the day. Anybody else want to get on the soapbox?
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    I agree full heartedly!

    I like to see what I am thinking of buying before spending the money!

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