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Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by Cheetah20, May 15, 2007.

  1. Cheetah20

    Cheetah20 Member

    Thanx alot George and David......
    alot to learn.............

    Now about my engine......N Scale
    thinking a 'diesel' and perhaps with sound ...(I know lil more $)
    but want a GOOD one....metal wheels etc...DCC capability as well.
    Trying to find an Old-fashion like engine but don't know what its called
    (like the one from the Ole West....Wild, Wild West even
  2. davidstrains

    davidstrains Active Member

    I know that there are a couple of diesels out there that are sound equipped but I am not sure of the manufacturer. Possibly Broadway Limited. You might check them on the internet. Tony's Trains is another place to check for DCC equipped locos. You should look at Atlas and Kato for the better diesels. Some of the Life-like's are getting better but I only have one SW9. Everything else is Atlas and Kato and I have put the decoders in almost all of them (all lightboard replacements. Very easy to do.)

    As for steam, the MDC Mogul would fit your requirement. Again Tony's would be a good choice or M. B. Kleins in Baltimore. Here are the links if you are interested

    Tony's Train Exchange, DCC Train Systems, Decoders, Locomotives by Digitrax, Lenz, NCE, Soundtraxx, Broadway, Bachmann, Lifelike and Others

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  3. Cheetah20

    Cheetah20 Member

    Backdrop(walls) are painted...Foam is down on the 4'x8' my engine, track and DCC Zephyr thru Model Train are on their way.....
    Have the plaster wrap (drier cloths),styrofoam pieces, glue ...going to get the cork this week....
    God, where to start!!?!!
    what I'm worried about is my INCLINE of track and how to do it?
    Is making my own 'risers' difficult since it won't be seen after it is filled?
    OR....splurge and buy the risers??
  4. before you buy risers..

    Its best to have a trackplan ready.

    I reccmmend the woodland scenics risers with a couple layers of plaster cloth over them.

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