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    Hi, I completely redesigned an old model by Ron Kemp in vectors from scratch, It's the Ford 32 cartoon style Hot Rod that he made many years ago but I totally turned it into vectors PDF with full photographic and text instructions and everything (parts and instructions) in English and Spanish and made many improvements. I want to show it to you to see what you think about it. This is my first paper model and I hope somebody likes it.

    Although most of Ron's models were available for download at the Paperian website (The Webdude's site) his site has been down for several weeks because he is in the process of transferring it to a new server and he is too busy to finish now, but this particular model was also available for download at the jleslie48 website (The one with all the cool rocket paper models) and Jleslie has allowed my model to be hosted in his website. I contacted the creator of the original model Mr. Ron Kemp and he liked it a lot and gave me full permission to make my redesign available for download. Jleslie48 also liked my model and it's already available for download at the following address together with the older model:

    My model it's the second one below the original model. :wave:

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  2. PixelOz

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    A few more pictures of pages

    Here are a few additional images extracted from the pages.

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  3. mauther

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    Hello, PixelOz,

    You did a great job in this model! Where are you from?
  4. PixelOz

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    I'm from the caribbean

    I'm from Puerto Rico were I'm currently residing, and I have lived a little bit in a couple of places in the US and my mother and many other family members live in different parts of Florida.
  5. PixelOz

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    A bit of info of the improvements on this redesign

    I would like to state here some of the changes that I did to make this model better.

    • As you can see it's now fully in vector lines and in PDF format with all the advantages of vector like small file size, scalability, resolution independence, etc. and I mean it's all vector artwork including those chromed cast iron wheels, they look like pictures from a higher zoom but they were converted to vectors and if you zoom in you will see that they are vectors but don't worry, at the size that they will print or even at much larger sizes they will look just fine if you decide to use those. The things that are not fully vectors are the instructions of course and the tutorial because they had to contain photos but all the text is in vectors because that has the advantage that if some text is to small you can zoom all you want and read it very well, but everything else is all vectors.

    • All the parts now fit together, you no longer have to adjust anything as you build the model and that means that I corrected all the measurements

    • I gave the engine carburetors, it's just a couple of boxes but they make the engine look much better

    • I put sort of a base beneath the supercharger to create a pseudo intake manifold because it was absent

    • I gave the air scoop a small wedge shaped base and that's why the air scoop is now straight

    • I created a full 3D transmission instead if the half fake transmission that it had and I created the bulge in the floorpan to acomodate the new 3D transmission and the driveshaft

    • You no longer have to adjust the chassis lenght, it's now the correct size even though Ron K. the creator of the original model told me that he had fixed that but somehow his improvement was lost in a file upload error of sorts.

    • Now you have a 3 pulley setup wich looks much more like a supercharged engine

    • The model it's fully covered, meaning that you don't have white areas and you don't have to paint anything even if you look under it as you can see in one of the pictures that I provided here except the edges if you like to paint them like the pros do (which makes paper models look so much better by the way as many of you know)

    • 7 different colors for the body paint parts and for the display base and a Gimp template that allows you to change the color of the car to any that you want with instructions of how to do it

    • A few alternate parts for customization like 3 different wheels, a choice between an air scoop and an air filter, 3 different mirror shapes in different colors, etc.

    Many, many other improvements that you will see if you look at the part files, this is just so people get an idea of what I did. Hope that you enjoy this model. :thumb:
  6. gwssms

    gwssms Member

    Wow, quite impressive! Thanks for all your hard work. Do you have plans to rework any of Ron's other cars?
  7. Art Decko

    Art Decko Member

    This is your first paper model? Terrific work! :thumb: I can't wait to see your tenth model! :)
  8. PixelOz

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    Another Ron Model?

    Not at the moment because I'm working on other personal things and at the moment I'm taking a break from designing cause I spent several weeks (about four and a half) doing this redesign because it was my first paper model and I was getting acquainted with doing this type of work. I designed a few simple paper models for myself when I was very young kid but this was my first real or serious paper model work so for the moment no, even though I admit that it is a good idea for me or anybody else because his models are kinda nice and they are a good base to start from but anyway I think that if I did another model after this it could be one of my own cause I can design a model from scratch, I redesigned this one because I liked it and wanted to make it better for the community and me. :rolleyes:
  9. PixelOz

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    A Few Corrections

    I made some corrections to the files of this model. Mostly in the text, spelling errors, a few missing words etc. In the graphics the corrections were very small and very few (most people wont even notice them) but I did them anyway. I went through the model many, many times just to see what I could fix. In the Materials and Assembly Help document I fixed the text were it explains how to mix the colors in Spanish (the English one was OK) because for some reason or another it got jumbled when I pasted it into the CorelDraw file. I fixed it. The display base has a few improvements in the gluing tabs, they assembled well so it was not a problem but now I made some adjustments to these tabs and the base it's now even easier to assemble and at the end I changed the illustrations of the bases so now you can get an idea of how the base looks like when assembled in your color of choice. Check the two colorized pictures that I included of the assembled car model together with the base.

    Hice algunas corrrecciones a los archivos de este modelo. Mayormente en el texto, errores deletreando las palabras, alguna que otra palabra que faltaba, etc. En las gráficas las correcciones fueron muy pequeñas y muy pocas (la mayoría de la gente ni las notará) pero las hice de todas formas. Pasé por los archivos del modelo muchas, muchas veces a ver que podía arreglar. En el documento de Materiales y Ayuda de Ensamblaje arreglé el texto en donde dice como mezclar los colores en español (el que estaba en inglés estaba bien) porque por alguna que otra razón cuando lo pasé a CorelDraw salió todo fuera de orden. Esto lo arreglé. La base tiene unos pocos arreglos en las solapas de pegamento, esta podia ensamblarse bien así que no era un problema pero hice algunos ajustes a estas solapas y ahora es aún más fácil de ensamblar y al final cambié las ilustraciones de la base para que ahora tenga una idea de cómo lucirá en el color que elija. Vea las dos imágenes colorizadas que incluí del modelo ensamblado junto con la base.

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