New Model Gearing Class Destroyer

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by Gomidefilho, Jul 5, 2007.

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    Well friends!

    Finally I finished the Destroyer class Gearing of the universe of the anime Yamato/Starblazer, (more known in Brazil by Patrulha Estelar), it is a model small and relatively easy of being built. Considering the rarity of models of ships of this cartoon thinks all will have fun with him.



    The Gearing class was drawn by the science committee of EDF soon after
    the end of the Earth - Gamilon war, using the technology of Iscandar
    was equipped with a wave engine in smaller scale than the employee in
    Yamato, several dozens were built and EDF used them mainly in the
    defense of the commercial routes between the planets of the solar system
    and the external colonies.



    Download at: » Starblazer

    Cheers from Brazil!

    Péricles ;D :thumb:
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    Very nice built!
  3. sdk2knbk

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    Thanks, Pericles, it looks good. (I'll bet the rest of you guys were expecting the US Navy Gearing, though:rolleyes:) It's always good to see a new freebie from this series.

    Scott K.
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    Thank's People!

    Scott :mrgreen:

    The Gearing class destroyers were also used by the Brazilian navy were bought as war surplus. It is graced Japanese give names of classes of ships of the world war II the ships of the anime.


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    are there more models from the Starblazer series?

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