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Discussion in 'Internet Finds' started by thegreek270, Dec 31, 2013.

  1. thegreek270

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  2. zathros

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    I just saw this yesterday, thanks for posting it. Great diorama! ;)

  3. Revell-Fan

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    I too found it yesterday and immediately grabbed it. This is an absolutely incredible kit and you can almost feel how much time and effort went into it. Hats off to the designer(s). The bike itself looks awesome, but supplying nearly the whole action course with it is truely remarkable. They even made use of forced perspective. 222 pages have to be printed only for the skeleton of the base... And I thought my BSG hangar bay was a monster..! :mrgreen:

    A great gift from Yamaha! Thank you!
  4. subnuke

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    Wow, this is great. I was wondering if Yamaha was giving up on the papermodel thing. Great bike, great model, and great track corner. An awesome model.
  5. zathros

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    I'd like to see Yamaha making a moving model engine or something along those lines. A single cylinder model of the engine belonging to the SR 500/400 line They certainly could do it. :)
  6. thegreek270

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  7. zathros

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    If Retunga can make a V-12 Ferrari engine, Yamaha can make a Single cylinder engine, (which really shows the engineering prowess Retunga has!!). That is why I suggest the SR400/500 engine as that is a classic and could be done easily. I'd prefer to see the XS650 twin engine, as that has a cult following. The SR 400/500 engine is small enough that they really could do one full size with working transmission, cut-away, as you wrote, same with the 650 twin. Not much fun if you can't see the bits moving!! :)
  8. Lighter

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    My daily ride for a few years back in the day. Least trouble I ever had with a bike and more personality.

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