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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by T.K.Marletter, May 10, 2001.

  1. T.K.Marletter

    T.K.Marletter New Member

    Hey al I worked on Sand Patch and Cranberry for over 30 years I've got stories to tell if anyone's interested [​IMG] I retired in 1993
  2. Woodie

    Woodie Active Member

    Hi TK,

    Sand Patch and Cranberry? Sort sounds like the Slug & Lettuce! [​IMG]

    Stories? DO tell... Do tell ......... Maybe start with your most memorable one?

  3. Dave Hagan

    Dave Hagan Member

    Hi T.K.Marletter, welcome to The Gauge.

    Dave Hagan
  4. N Gauger

    N Gauger 1:20.3 Train Addict

    Welcome to The Gauge TK!!!!!!! [​IMG] [​IMG]

    My wife says if I buy One more Train, she'll leave me...
    Gee I'll miss HER!!!! :) -- N Gauger
  5. Sir_Prize

    Sir_Prize Member

    Most fair greetings!
    Many a happy 'listener' here. Most kind of word too. Plus, many wise model railroaders. So, your acounts will be greatly followed. Many happy travels.
    Keep it between the rails;
    Ken 'Sir Prize'
  6. George

    George Member

    Welcome @TG, T.K.!

    I'm all ears. Let's hear first about the night the brakes failed! [​IMG]

  7. Woodie

    Woodie Active Member


    Didn't Don McLean sing about that????

  8. T.K.Marletter

    T.K.Marletter New Member

    hey woodie, that's Sand Patch Grade, a wel known mountain grade on the old Baltimore and Ohio (still CSX). It the same with Cranberry, it's a steep grade (3.1% in 2 places) but not nearly as well known. Hey geoge, I never ha da time when the brakes ran out, but I was involded in a couple of near run-a-ways. :wow: To the US railroading forums, gentlemans (and ladies too)
  9. Catt

    Catt Guest

    Hey,TK. Welcome to Big Blue. [​IMG]

    Catt! NARA#1 & A freelancer for life
  10. Shay2

    Shay2 Member

  11. LC

    LC Member

    T.K., welcome, I'm sure you have lots to tell. Interesting!!
  12. T.K.Marletter

    T.K.Marletter New Member

    I have 3 stories up in the US Trains forum. COME AND GET IT!! ha he ha
  13. Chessie_SD50_8563

    Chessie_SD50_8563 New Member

    This place is preaty damn cool

    "Everyone has the right to be stupid... just UP abuses the privlage"
  14. T.K.Marletter

    T.K.Marletter New Member

    I like your signature, Chessie SD, btw I drove 8563 quite often from 1990-1993, (when I HAD to retire)

  15. Drew1125

    Drew1125 Active Member

    Hey TK!
    I grew up right next to the old L&N "short line" (now CSX) between Louisville & Cinncinatti. Did you ever get over this way? I know we would get some B&O extras through every now & then. There was a weekly passenger train too. I remember by the late 60's, it had gotten down to a single E8, & a two car cosist. (very sad) [​IMG]
    Anyway, there's STILL some pretty hairy grades on the Short Line.

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  16. Virginian

    Virginian Member

    Hi there TK
    Any chance you ever heard of J.W.'Bill' Kesling, runnin' N&W by the time you started.He hauled coal out of southern W.Va., mostly to Roanoke as I recall. He retired in the late 60s or early 70s...he was still working in '67. He started with the Brotherhood of Firemen and Enginemen, on The Virginian...I'm still trying to find out if he was a member of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers..guess he must have been, eventually.
    I've read your stories...great experiences, sounds like, even with 'Rookies'!! I'll be lookin' out for more!
    Glad to have ya here [​IMG]

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  17. T.K.Marletter

    T.K.Marletter New Member

    man that blueberry cobbler really fill you up....

    Charlie... I ran onn some old L&N trackage in the late 80's up untill my retire ment , but I've never been that line, if I can remember. :sad:

    Virginian.. That name sounds familiar. Was he called "jay" during his service? I was on some coal trains from Baltimore, to DC and on to roanoke (around richmond) on the B&O with trackage rights over some other roads. I was brakeman on every train I ran out there.(1965-1969, about 150)
  18. Virginian

    Virginian Member

    Hi T.K.
    Thanks for your reply. I don't know if my granddaddy was called'Jay'...he was known as Bill to friends and family, but my grandmother called him 'Jaydubya' a lot, esp, when he was getting ready for a run. He would have been an engineer during your time, perhaps conductor during the last few years of his time...about the time you were braking 'through' . Ever heard of a big wreck at the Roanoke River near Salem, on the N&W main line...two coal trains, one full load,heading through Roanoke to Norfolk, one empties heading back up to Bluefield? summer of 67, as best I can sort it out. I was there for the summer ( Lived in Ohio by then.) Made the local papers front page. Grandaddy pulled out the cab crew (lead engine went into about 20 foot of water) He was engineer of the out bound.
    I was at track side with him the next day. Still vivid in my memory...coal and cars all over the place...the crane was still on the way...all you could see of that sunk engine was the under carriage of one end.
    Unfortunately, the old ICC records end in 66, at least those available on the web. I can't get information from the Unions, Va. dept. of Trans. or NS Corp. I'd really love to get more details...I will eventually have a diarama of this event as the center piece of my model not much help...nobody back there seems to remember much and my granddaddy and mamaw are"with the good Lord". Sure wish I could find out what type engine and the # he was on...maybe I'll connect with some one from NS or someone with a very good memory that was there. The Roanoke paper is a dead end... at least til I get back there...their 'morgue' only goes back to about 96. the local library doesn't have records either. It's frustrating.
    Well, that's more than enough for now.
  19. T.K.Marletter

    T.K.Marletter New Member

    no I can't say I remeber a whold lot, I do remember beiln in roanoke in the summer of 67 and seeing a train come in with parts of a GP9 and a highnosed SD35 coming in on flatcars, don't recall numbers though. maybe the same incident?? Hmmm.
  20. T.K.Marletter

    T.K.Marletter New Member

    now, hold your horses virginian (just kiding)

    1st of all yea my name is tim (for got to mention) and I have worked on the B&O from 1960-1993, that 33 years, 5 months, 18 days.

    2nd This has been like 30 years ago so it's foggy, Yes the train was coming frommthe west, the locos are a foggy memory, I THINK it was an SD35 (hi-nose) and a GP9 on flatcars, no numbers though.

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