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Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by coachC, Feb 15, 2006.

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    I have been reading on the forum for about 3 weeks and have asked a couple of questions and thought it was time I posted some of my thoughts and ideas. I am brand new to the hobby except for a little stint ten years ago when I bought some n scale freight and a couple of engines. College took precedence then but now that I have a steady income I want to get restarted so to speak. The main aspects of the hobby that interest me are painting and detailing my own locos and rolling stock, kitbashing, scenery and just watching the trains go round. I have a fine arts degree and I hope that helps me some. The technial part is where I will have the most trouble, installing decoders for example. I am not very crafty but i do have experience painting 15mm and 25 mm figures. My layout will probably be 4x8 when I find the room. I will be modeling a freelance present day raiload although I think I might put a logging operation on there. I am going to build the track plan in the link below (it is the fifth one down on the right) first as the logging line and then incorporated onto the 4x8 later. I think this will help me get started and I will have something to run trains on till I get the room for the 4x8. My railroad will have it's own paint scheme but also will use leased motive power I have decided on DCC also. The one thing I really want on my layout is a scrap yard. I also want a sawmill & lumber company served by the logging line along with a furniture factory served in turn by the lumber company. I've written to much I'll shut up for now and say it is nice to meet everyone.
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    Nice to meet you coach.

    As to N Scale layouts, one of the fellows at our club insists that the best way to plan any N Scale layout is to find a nice HO scale layout for the size of space you have and then just build it out of N Scale track. That way you have wider curves so modern stuff will work/look OK and you will have plenty of room for the rest of the world (the NON track stuff).

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