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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Goattee, Feb 13, 2004.

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    Welcome Home Goatee and Dingbat.
    It does not matter what scale or gauge you use as long as you do! You will really enjoy it here. Jim (n-scale)
    :wave: :wave:
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    Welcome aboard Goattee and Dingbat, there are some excellent modelers here and all are very willing to share their knowledge and expertese. I know exactly what you mean about N v HO I've been straining my eyes in N for a couple of years now. Pat
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    Hey there. Do you know about the hobby shops in Memphis area? Hey, which show did you go to? I hope they get that situtation sorted out going on @ MLGW. :)
  5. Goattee

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    Hobby Shops

    Nscale4; I know of some, and some i did know arent there anymore. Hobbyland, Hobby Town, Church Hardware are the ones I have visited. There was one at Nesbit but it was closed up.
    As far as MLG&W is conserned Willy wants to consolidate it with city so IT CAN BE MORE EFFICENT. In other words he will cut the payroll in more than half because the city workers don't make what MLG&W pays, and he can get his hands on all that retirement funds it has.
    Hay! Why did you get me started on that?
    As you can see I am calm and cool about the whole thing.

    Thanks everyone for the worm welcome!!!!!

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