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Discussion in 'The Caboose' started by BrianK, May 6, 2006.

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    Hey all. Four or five years ago I got interested in model trains and decided to build a 4x8 foot N scale layout. Well, for some reason or another, that didn't last long and over time, I just had a big 4x8 foot table with a 1/4 finished layout taking up space in my room. Well, I took it down and life moved on. Did a lot of things and now I'm 22, over-worked already and suddenly I get the train fever again.

    I looked in my closet, opened some boxes and found a bunch of my old train stuff. So I decided to start my own modular layout, and do small sections that I can put together over time. That way I don't jump into a huge project and get overwhelmed again (I've put more thought into it now than I did before).

    Well for the past week of planning what I am going to do, I started up a little 14x36" module to see how things go. I was planning on not spending much money and just using what I had leftover from years before, but after looking online at all the cool expensive stuff in the online stores I never knew about, a tear in space-time ripped open in front of me (completely contained within my room), and sucked all the money out of my wallet. But somehow I ended up with receipts for three or four online stores stating packages were on the way.

    Anyway, I thought I would just make an introduction here and hopefully get to know some of you guys. I have finals next week but after that I'm going to get my first module going. I've been reading a lot on these forums and got a lot of useful information. I always take tons of pictures of anything I work on so I'm sure I'll flood this forum with shots of my progress. And in case you haven’t noticed, I talk a lot ;)

    Oh yeah, I've always been a big steam fan, so yesterday I bought a 2-6-6-2. Not the best decision I ever made considering the cost and I am just getting into the hobby really, but heck... that engine rules! (I really wanted a 2-8-8-2 but that is a bit too much money for me right now.
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    Welcome to The Gauge:wave:

    I agree with your modular idea as you can't be overwelmed by it that way. My suggestion would be to build your modules conforming to a national standard such as That way, you can enjoy running your work as part of a whole while working towards that furture empire.
  3. BrianK

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    Thanks for the welcome :)

    Yeah, I just thought about that today. From my reading, it seems like there are several different standards so I wasn't sure what to do. Right now my first module is just carved foam so it would be easy enough to standardize it without much trouble.
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    Hi Brian, glad you could join us! I think you've just jumped right back into the hobby with that 2-6-6-2 purchase! :)
  5. 60103

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    Briank: you can do modules or sections of layouts or dioramas. Modules have to fit to everything at the ends (like the boards inside your computer); sectional layouts just have to fit to themselves. Dioramas can either end up on your layout or be put in a showcase. (or be put in a showcase until you get a layout!)
    Standardized modules are good if you have a local group that you can get together with every so often.
  6. BrianK

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    My initial plan was to just have a 1x3 ft diorama because I have a lot of other priorities and didn't want to start a huge project, but then I decided I didn't want to stop there and wanted to do sections which could be put together over time.

    Now since Bob mentioned module standards, it would be cool to hook up my modules to club layouts and whatnot, but after more thinking, the Ntrak standard doesn't fit well at all with the type of layout and scenery I want to do (I started a thread about this in the modular forum).

    What I plan on doing is talking to the local train club and see what standard they use and how flexible they are (if they will allow me to have my own non-standard modules that have modules at the ends to convert to the standard they use).
  7. BrianK

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    I just got my 2-6-6-2 today... and wow... there are so many little details and pieces on this thing... I didn't expect this insane level of detail with the amount I paid for it... I'm almost afraid to run it! I'm going to very carefully put it back in its box, place it on a shelf, and never touch it again. I'm not worthy.

    I heard Bachmann did very well with their Spectrum line but... man... I'm speechless (except for everything I just said :p)!

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