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Discussion in 'Zealot Archives' started by mark, Jun 10, 2004.

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  1. mark

    mark Member

    hi all my name is mark 34 years old i am a new member ship in this grup i use to bils a paper models when i wos a smol kidd now for the last 6 manch beck tobild

    hope to meat u all

    i have 1 thing to ask

    my fivorit planes/models ww2 the most of them is the b17
    i see thet ther is3 compeny with a model of this history plan
    the GPM - i here thet this compeny not so frendly and esy to bild so we tack this 1 down
    the MALY - did somwhan here bild the old b17 of this comp?have some pic?
    the FLYMODEL - the some like maly

    ther is more b17 models?

    thanks u all

    have a nice bilding

  2. Ron

    Ron Member

    Hi Mark

    Welcome to Cardmodels :) I'm not a builder of large bombers but there are many here who are. You might find that GPM kits are some of the best for quality and fit and they really aren't that difficult. Sometimes a lot of guessing is needed as the instructions are not all that clear.

    Anyways... enjoy the forums :)

  3. rickstef

    rickstef Guest

  4. mark

    mark Member

    hi ron nice to meat u

    did u bild a gpm model?fly model?

    what is more bether?
  5. Ron

    Ron Member

    I'm working on the GPM F4 Phantom as we speak :) From what I hear, Flymodel kits are very well designed. The only complaint I've heard is that the paint jobs could be more detailed and accurate

  6. mark

    mark Member

    oky ron thenks i think i will go on the FLY MODEL pne whats abowet the MALY one u know?

    u have place thet i can find a pic of the b17 models?

    the fidelgrean is to unditeling as i see am i rghit?
  7. damraska

    damraska Member

    Hi Mark,

    As a general rule, recent kits from every manufacturer feature better fit, design, and artwork than older ones. This is true for GPM, Fly Model, and especially Maly. GPM and Halinski consistently produce the best kits but Maly recently published some gems. Fly Model kits typically have good design and fit but cartoonish artwork. Maly has published models for a long time so they vary wildly in quality, but their recent Bf 109, P-51B Mustang, and Wildcat look very good.

    Even if a manufacturer typically produces good or bad models, there are always exceptions. For example, Fly Model recently republished the Bv 138 with good artwork, and the GPM Me 262 has problems.

    My understanding is that the Fly Model and GPM B-17s are the exact same kit. I have never seen either one. On the positive side, GPM recently republished their B-17, so it _may_ include upgraded artwork and design corrections. On the negative side, it's old, and the B-24 Liberator by the same designer is notoriously buggy. You can find a review of the GPM Liberator in the Card Modeling FAQ:

    Fiddler's Green produces some very nice models, but they do not approach the detail and accuracy of kits by the manufacturers described above.

    Good luck!

  8. Ajax

    Ajax Member

    Welcome to the board, Mark! :D

    I can already tell you have excellent taste, the B-17 is one of my favorite WW2 planes as well! ;) :lol:

  9. mark

    mark Member

    hii all

    thank u all i think i will go on the FLYMODEL one :)
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