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    Due to the pending closure of the IPMS Northrop club, the Southern California Paper Modelers Conspiracy aka SCPMC will be moving to a new meeting location in Glendora California. Glendora is near Pomona and should be a better location for modelers from Orange County, San Bernardino and Riverside counties.

    We will start the gathering at 7:pm on the first Friday of the month and any and all paper modelers are welcome, if you are new to the hobby and just want to see what can be done with paper you are also welcome. We will not have a model contest but please bring your models we truly enjoy seeing other modelers work.

    If you would like to attend our small gathering please drop me a note of list and I will forward instructions on how to get to the meeting. I would post the address but as of today I have not received permission from the Church where we will be meeting but I am confident that we will.
    I’ll post the address when we receive the official permission.

    For those who have been following Larry’s build of the Cleo and would like to see her she will be bringing Larry to the meeting. (Larry you are now committed) :shock:

    Jim Nunn
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    :eek: Uh....Thanks, Jim! I think! That Cleo!.....always getting me in trouble!

    I'll be there.......wherever THERE may be????!!!!

    Capatin, HMS Cleopatra
    Paper Navy of the Bear Flag Republic

    It's a porevn fcat that poelpe can raed txet as lnog as the frist and lsat lettres are corerct. So mcuh for slpel chcek!
  3. Jim Nunn

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    We have received the official permission the SCPMC will be meeting at.

    United Methodist Church
    201 East Bennett Avenue
    Glendora, CA 91741

    Jim Nunn
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    Last call,

    The Southern California Paper Modelers will be meeting this Friday at 7PM at the above address.
    I believe this is the largest group of paper modelers that meet on a regular basis on the west coast. We show off our latest purchases of paper models and discuss the merits of the kits and show off what we have built and generally have a great time.

    If you have though that you would like to visit us please drop by we would be glad to see you.

    Jim Nunn
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    This is a reprint of DTO’s report on the August 6th meeting of the SCPMC

    Sorry for being so late with my August reports, but I've been VERY busy.

    The inaugural independent meeting of the Southern California Paper Modelers Conspiracy was held in the United Methodist Church in Glendora, California. It is a grand 100-year-old building, and Jim Nunn proudly showed off its restored architectural features. The 1915 organ must sound magnificent in this space.

    Our meeting was held in a side room, consisting of Jim Nunn, Bob Penikas, Jim Agar (of Santa Clarita), Larry Maxfield and myself. Unfortunately, Dan Shippey was waylaid by illness, and we really missed Peter Crow and Tom Streichen -- though Peter was present "in spirit" via his catfish model.

    For our first meeting, I decided to do something big. I never build 1:72
    scale bombers (preferring 1:144 or smaller), so everyone was surprised with my Fiddlers Green PB4Y-1 Liberator. This was the recently-released Dell upgrade, and the gray and white Navy version looked very attractive. I added the Delta Seven "When Worlds Collide" Space Ark, and two vintage Rigby paper model books I recently acquired from a fellow IPMS/OC member. Bob Penikas had a wide variety of models -- his Delta Dart, P-51D, Corsair and "Mistrel" piggyback fighter/bomber combination, a Yamaha seal, a runway tractor, plus a few cartoon characters. Larry Maxfield wowed us with his HMS Cleopatra, fresh from the drydock after an encounter with a curious kitten (ouch!), and two Paper Shipwright models. Jim Agar had two cute corgis, a duck and a robotic Japanese movie monster. Jim also showed an early WWII British bomber under construction -- a reprinted Maly Modelartz kit since he disliked the original paper. Even though it's an old kit and not quite up to present Maly standards, the fit looks excellent. In the meantime, Jim Nunn exhibited further progress with his MG-42 machine gun, now sporting ammunition belt and bipod.

    We had a great time chatting and comparing techniques, especially scribing tools and portable workstands. I'm really looking forward to the second meeting, on Friday September 5. Hope to see some more new faces there!

    Sadly, this new location was due to the fact that the Northrop IPMS chapter was about to shut down. We've been gathering there for at least four years, and it was very sad to see such a club slowly die. (It was in existence in one form or another for over 30 years.) I did not attend their August meeting (it was delayed one week due to the IPMS Nationals in Phoenix), but from what I understand they do not intend to hold any more meetings.
    Declining attendance, the loss of a hobby shop supporter, the impending demolition of the meeting site, and the lack of new officers spelled its demise. Truly an end of an era.

    And then the very next day I read in the local newspaper that the Sequoia
    Conference Center suddenly closed down! That was the meeting place for both
    the Southern California Area Historical Miniatures Society and IPMS/OC!
    With the end of Northrop, this was a BIG double blow. So what happened
    next? Stay tuned...

    David T. Okamura

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