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Discussion in 'General Card Modeling' started by Peter T Davis, Dec 22, 2005.

  1. Peter T Davis

    Peter T Davis Guy Behind the Curtains

    I set aside some time this week to work on making this place presentable for the holidays! There's still a bunch to be done, some minor things like a few icons that don't fit in too well, and some big things like getting the gallery working. I've had comments here and there about things people would like to see, and have tried to incorporate some of them. Please let me know what you think, if there's anything I've forgotten or anything you'd like to see changed or added. Thanks very much! And Merry Christmas!
  2. George

    George Member

    Thx a lot for all work done...

    Hi all,

    I would just like to extend a greatful "Thank you" from all of us "leachers" around on this faboulous site. It's thanks to a lot of efforts from a few people that many people can get so much knowledge and plesure from this site!!!

    So...once again THANKS and merry X-mas!!!!
  3. modano1

    modano1 Member

    Very well put George, Thank you everyone for such a joyfull website and sharing all of yalls knowledge. Merry Christmas!

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