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    im new to this hobbie. Im planning on making a 5' by 9' HO logging layout. Ive been studying logging through books and pictures for about a year now and im excited! It is based in the cascade mountains of washington and ive researched its location. I will be running about 4 locos on it. 3 shays and a climax. I own a 3 truck bachmann shay and i love it. I would like to have two more shays though. 2-truck small shays are what im really intrested in. I think im going to get a keystone shay, but i don't know yet. Anyone know where I can get some small backwoodes shays The sawmill of my layout is a sierra west scale deer creek sawmill. A great model but i am very worried about the skill level. I don't know if it would be too complicated for me. Anyone have some advice for me?

    thanks for the help,

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    The only small HO Shays I know of are the Keystone and imported brass. The Roundhouse/MDC and Bachman are models of fairly modern 50+ ton prototypes. The Keystone is a model of a 20 ton prototype. The Riviarossi Heisler again is a model of a relatively large and modern prototype.

    Right now, NWSL motorizing kits for the Keystone are out of production - you will have to scrounge around to get one. They are expecting to resume production soon. The Keystone/NWSL kit is not for the faint of heart - but the result is really sweet. I've got one to build in both HO and HOn3.

    This is my favorite rant - I want to see models of 1900 and earlier and small and light prototypes.

    yours in gearing down
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    Start by building some small logging shacks, sheds and perhaps progress to some small industries or business's. Save the sawmill for after your skills have improved and your confidence is high.Do a mock up in cardstock as a fill in to get the footprint and be able to complete landscaping up to the mill area itself.
    Good luck and have fun....................Shoulda gone On30 :D
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    Thanks for all the advice

    Thanks for all the advice. I was looking at the keystone shay and i thinks thats what im going to go with. I going to take the advice about doing other models before the sawmill. I'm going to do the sawmill last.

    Young Logger,
    Cascademan:D :D
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    Cascade, you got some real good advice and I'm glad to see you are taking it, that being said make sure you leave the tracks and the space needed to fit your sawmill, as it is a big diorama all by itself, Pat.

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